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Mail-in and overseas votes have not yet been counted, but those historically favor the right in Swedish elections.  Also five seats have not yet been tallied.  However, Sweden's election commission says that the parties of the right are winning 175 of the 349 seats in parliament, a majority of one.

The populist nationalist anti-immigration right Sweden Democrats are set to become the country's second largest party for the first time, and a surge among younger voters played a big role in that.  Even in the youngest age group, voters between ages 18 and 21, the Sweden Democrats almost doubled their vote, from 12% last time to 22% this election.  Their election slogan was "Make Sweden Safe Again".

It is expected that the leader of the center-right Moderate Party, the second largest party on the right will become prime minister. The Sweden Democrats and Moderates have been working closely on key issues, with the two party leaders writing a joint op-ed on immigration issues for one of Stockholm's leading newspapers.


There also remains the possibility of the Center Party, which represents rural interests, joining the new government.  While it had been part of the outgoing Social Democrat led government, it has historically often aligned with the parties of the right.  Given the attacks on farming in Europe by environmentalists, the Center Party was an odd bedfellow with the Greens in the outgoing government coalition.



With 80% of the vote counted in Sweden's parliamentary election, the four party coalition of the right and center maintain a narrow lead, with the populist nationalist anti-immigration Sweden Democrats becoming the second largest party in the country for the first time.  The coalition consists of the Sweden Democrats plus the center-right Moderate Party as major members plus the Christian Democrats and the Liberals.  Should the Center Party, which represents rural interests and sometimes aligns with them joins the coalition, it would have a commanding lead.

The Sweden Democrats' election slogan was "Make Sweden Safe Again"


UPDATE: Sweden's Election Commission is now projecting that the coalition of the right has won 175 of the 349 seats, a one seat majority.  If the Center Party joins them, it would make for a more comfortable majority.


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