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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Tim Meads.

    Why does President Joe Biden constantly wander around aimlessly after his speeches?

    It is perplexing, but perhaps nothing is odder about his time as commander-in-chief than his difficulty exiting stages after a public oration.

    On Wednesday, Biden was spotted moseying about a stage in New York City, apparently completely bewildered as to where he was supposed to go once done speaking. The president had just finished giving a speech about international health efforts at The Global Fund's Seventh Replenishment Conference.

    Rather than standing to the side in a dignified manner or walking away from the podium with confidence, Biden looked more like the guy confused as to where he's supposed to stand to pick up a fast food order. See for yourself:

    It would be one thing if this were a one-off occurrence, but the Mr. Magoo-esque podium exit has become a hallmark of the 46th president's time in office.

    Here he was a week ago at the Detroit auto show:

    In this next example, legacy media fact-checkers have determined that Biden didn't actually shake hands with air. Instead, he was pointing to somebody off-stage, our arbiters of truth tell us. So rest assured, there's no concern here or something.

    We will let readers watch the video and draw their own conclusions:

    Here he was back in February 2021 at the White House:

    At one of his 2020 campaign tele-rally events that looked a lot more like a Jeep commercial, the president first started showing signs of his disorientation:

    Perhaps Biden's advance team is wildly inept and forgets to give him instructions on where to go after completing a speech. That is actually a pretty strong possibility, but it still wouldn't explain why Biden can't just stand still off to the side.

    Or maybe his mental sharpness just isn't what it once was - which is a low bar, if we're being honest.

    He's 79 years old, but we're not supposed to ask questions about whether or not that fact contributes in any way to these aforementioned moments.

    American media also has no interest in trying to figure out why Biden often appears so lost at public events. Luckily - or embarrassingly - foreign journalists have taken notice.

    Readers might remember last spring when former President Barack Obama returned to the White House for a special anniversary ceremony for Obamacare. Biden was seen practically begging for his old boss to pay attention to him, even putting his hand on Obama's shoulder at one point after his shouts were seemingly ignored.

    More shockingly, it seemed like nobody in the room had a desire to speak to the current president. It was almost sad to watch. Here's how Sky News Australia's Chris Kenny broke down the interaction:


    "Have a look at this footage of the president wandering around the room, working the room as you would say in the White House it's quite extraordinary," Kenny said. "The real worry here is just watching him at this function: Kamala Harris and Barack Obama are busy talking to everyone and shaking hands and Joe Biden has just left hanging. He appears lost and uncertain and not only that he appears to be ignored."

    "A U.S. president you can ignore," Kenny added. "It's hard to believe isn't it?"

    But as evidenced Wednesday, his roaming cannot be ignored much longer. Anybody who has spent time in an old folks home has seen people act like Biden.

    Old age will come for all, but most won't be president of the U.S. when it happens.

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