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    Yeah, I love me some California
    But it sure ain't Tennessee
    And my roots down there in Georgia
    Yeah, they started missin' me
    And I wouldn't change the things I've done
    Or the places that I've been
    Man, it feels good to be country again

    I traded in my Silverado
    Didn't need no four by four
    Tucked my boots in the back of the closet
    They didn't feel like me no more
    But I dug 'em out and slipped 'em on
    They've been on my feet since then
    Man, it feels good to be country again
   - Thomas Rhett Akins

The "King" of Albania issues operational orders as an unidentified American technical advisor looks on, April 1996, Durres, Albania: Above.     Click image to enlarge.

    Racial strife was not just a southern thang back in the the 1930s as Yankee folk administered their own unique form of discrimination against people of colour. Institutional racism as practised and perfected at the state level through the University of Minnesota a perfect example of the times.

    Men's dormitories were segregated and women's dorms were labelled as "Whites Only" spaces. All employees of the school were White. The women's nursing programme was Whites only until 1929. Such environment quite a contrast to the University of Iowa which featured a lightning fast Black running back from Texas name of Ozzie Simmons, who was roughed up pretty good by the Gopher eleven in the 1934 game; roughed up to the point that when the 1935 game rolled around Iowa folks said it it happened again there would be trouble after the game.

    In fact Iowa governor Clyde Herring decided to pour a little petrol on the blaze the day before the game with his comments: "Those Minnesotans will find ten other top-notch football players besides "Oze" Simmons against them this year; moreover, if the officials stand for any rough tactics like Minnesota used last year, I'm sure the crowd won't."

    That tore it up some kind of crazy.

    On game day Minnesota governor Floyd Olson sent governor Herring the following telegram: "Dear Clyde, Minnesota folks are excited over your statement about the Iowa crowd lynching the Minnesota football team. If you seriously think Iowa has any chance to win, I will bet you a Minnesota prize hog against an Iowa prize hog that Minnesota wins today."

    Word got around about the wager, things calmed down -- and the Floyd of Rosedale legend was born. Each year since then the bronzed pig trophy has been awarded the winner of the Iowa -- Minnesota game.

    Speaking of such, the FTX Group Chapter 11 filing going to be the biggest bronzed pig of all time; this collapse will do to crypto what Lehman did to more traditional markets and structures back in the day. It is literally history's largest looting operation.

    Do you not understand that Biden and his Democrat party flunkies continue to funnel hundreds of billions of your tax dollars to Ukraine in the form of "military assistance" against Russia -- in a war that the US and UK facilitated during the last eight years by shelling civilians in the Donbas region with indiscriminate artillery fire?

    Do you not understand that the vast majority of this "aid" never reaches the front line battlefield? Most of it is siphoned off and resold through various black market arms operations around the world, paid for through crypto which was then laundered back to FTX. Then, of course, FTX became the second largest financial donor to the Democratic party, after George Soros, and used the looted tax-payer funded Ukraine monies to blunt the GOP red wave last week.

    Seriously peeps, you already knew all of this, right?

    Ukraine is a deep state looting operation designed to play a pivotal role in the New World Order's diabolical "Great Reset" programme. You pay for your own destruction by funding this criminal enterprise -- one that goes much further than just looting collapsing western currencies. Uncle Joe and his buddies been running biological warfare labs and all other sorts of subjugation goodies there.

    Had your vaccine booster? Wearing your mask? Paid your Ukraine tax today?

    Best wake up before your current nap a permanent one.



(minus two and the hook)    Saturday 3.30 pm EST FS1

    Last week's win by Iowa was not a pretty one but it was effective. Now the Hawkeyes travel North to renew the fabled Floyd of Rosedale rivalry having won seven straight in the series. Go ahead and make it eight straight on Saturday.

    Minnesota has the better record but virtually no way to emerge from the Big Ten West logjam as champion; Iowa's road much easier as they just need to win their last two and see Illinois lose to number three Michigan. The Hawkeye offense just as weak this week as last but the defence and special teams even better -- the Gophers are shaky at QB and rely on a running game to overwhelm weaker opponents (where most of their wins this season have originated.)

    Iowa all about stopping the run and will do so again on Minnesota Senior Day. This number jumped to three Wednesday but so much Iowa quam came in so quick, that window slammed after a few hours and the number back to its original price. Once again we can get the better team, in a significant conference game, with the momentum, plus the points -- our call here is Iowa (plus two and the hook) as we expect blocked kicks and defensive scoring to carry the day once more.


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