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 By:  Hood Richardson

Out of the blue, a surprise announcement from the Chairman of the Beaufort County Republican Party, Carolyn Garris, was presented at the Third District Republican meeting on Saturday February 4th.  Garris announced the arbitration for Tandy Dunn would be held on Thursday February 9th.  Tandy Dunn has been charged with party disloyalty.  This was news.  Disloyalty charges  had never been presented to the Beaufort County Executive Committee.  Garris admitted, after the meeting, that she had not notified the Executive Committee. 

Tandy Dunn was a candidate for Beaufort County Commissioner during the 2020 and the 2022 elections. He ran as a conservative Republican.  The Beaufort County Republican Party Executive Committee supported RINO John Rebholz during the 2020 elections and Fake Frankie Waters during the 2022 elections.

The Executive Committee should be neutral in these elections but the liberal wing controls the majority of the votes on the Executive Committee.   The Executive Committee became aggressive under the leaderships of Bill Cook, Carolyn Garris and to some extent Keith Kidwell.  Neutrality of the Executive Committee is important because, under limited voting, Republicans run against Republicans.  Liberals, like Paul Varcoe, and the above named individuals just cannot bring themselves to be fair and impartial.  They have to support RINOs like Rebholz and Frankie Waters against whatever conservative(s) is running.  With a system like that, there is little wonder that the party is constantly split.  About the only way that could be avoided would be for each voter to have as many votes as there are positions to be filled.

Both John Rebholz and Paul Varcoe gave support to  the Democrat Candidate for Sheriff, yet they have not been charged with disloyalty at this point in time.

Party disloyalty within the Beaufort County Republican Party has surged during the past several years.  “Disloyalty” is defined by the party’s Plan of Organization as any party officer supporting a Democrat in the same election when a Republican is running also.  During the 2022 elections several members of the Executive Committee were found to be disloyal Republicans and resigned from the Committee when called out on it. These were Kelly Cox, who posted support for the Democrat running for Sheriff.  Frankie Waters attended fund raisers and made donations to the Democrat candidate for Sheriff.  Both, when confronted with the evidence, resigned from the Executive Committee.

Only those who serve on the Executive Committee can be charged with party disloyalty.  Any registered Republican not serving on the Executive committee can support any candidate, regardless of party, with no fear of punishment.  Those who serve on the Republican, or for that matter the Democrat Executive committees, have a special duty to all other Republicans and Democrats to look after the party and the candidates of their party.  Serving on the Executive Committee and supporting a candidate of another party who is running against a Republican is the ethical equivalent of “treason”.

Republican Candidate, Tandy Dunn’s wife is an aunt  of Corey  Rogerson, the Democrat candidate for sheriff.  She attended a fund raiser for her nephew, Corey Rogerson.  Tandy Dunn went to the fund raiser to pick up his wife.  He was invited to eat.  He never donated to Rogerson.  He ate, picked up his wife and went home.

Now comes Fake Frankie Waters.  He attended the same fund raiser and made a donation of $250.00 to Rogerson.  When confronted with the evidence Fake Frankie Waters resigned.

Fake Frankie Waters is one of Chairman Garris’s favorite commissioners.  She allowed only Fake Frankie to give reports about the County Commissioners at Executive Committee meetings.  Fake Frankie helped her to obtain the job of Beaufort County Register of Deeds when Jennifer Whitehurst resigned.

Carolyn Garris claims that someone, she pretends she does not know who, sent photographs of Tandy Dunn dining at the Corey Rogerson fund raiser, to the Republican Party in Raleigh and they instructed Garris to remove Tandy Dunn from the Republican Executive Committee.  This makes a great story until one realizes that Carolyn Garris was not elected “dictator’ nor was whomever the Republican in Raleigh who reportedly advised her to take this action.  The Chairman, under than Plan of Organization has no authority to remove anyone from the Executive Committee.

Carolyn Garris apparently has the secret number to talk to the Republican Party in Raleigh.  They do not answer their phones and for the times I have been calling them, they do not return phone calls or answer emails.  This is another serious problem within the Republican Party.

The rules of operation of the Republican Party do not allow Chairman Carolyn Garris to dictate anything.  The rules clearly say the Chairman serves with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee.  Carolyn Garris has become dictator and has repeatedly violated the rules of the party..  She claims that she alone stripped me of my Executive Committee ex-officio right to serve on the Executive Committee as an elected Republican office holder.  She manipulated getting herself appointed to fill the vacant Register of Deeds position.  She deliberately did not promptly report the Register of Deeds vacancy to the full Executive Committee, and she deliberately cancelled the Executive Committee meeting that was to appoint someone other than herself as was requested by the County Commissioners, and  she did not consult the Executive Committee before telling Tandy Dunn he was no longer a member of the Committee.

What is all this about?  It is about huge political stress within the Republican Party.  The stress is about the classic battle between the constitutional conservatives and the liberal Republicans.  The liberal (communist) takeover of the Democrat Party has emboldened the liberals, the RINOs, to make a forceful onslaught  to eliminate conservatives.  No longer is tolerance a virtue within the Republican Party.  This is also payback for conservatives exposing the disloyalty within the liberal ranks of Republican Party leadership.

When asked at an Executive Committee meeting:  “Who made the charges?” against Tandy, she was deceitful, stating only that Tandy Dunn had requested arbitration.  She has never stated who is pressing charges against Tandy Dunn, depriving Tandy of the fundamental fairness of being confronted by his accuser.  However, she has admitted that she is the prosecutor of Tandy Dunn during the arbitration.

No Republican is safe from Garris’ dictatorial action in Beaufort County as long as Carolyn Garris is allowed to ignore the rules of operation of the Republican Party. She is marching to the drum beat of Paul Varcoe and his liberal henchmen.

How can the Republican Party expect to ever be united and recruit independent thinking Republicans if Tandy Dunn is judged to be a disloyal Republican?  One might say it is becoming similar to dictators in Communists countries such as we have seen recently in China, North Korea and Russia.  Or, for that matter, the Biden Administration.  Thank the Lord Carolyn Garris does not have a FBI!

As Paul Harvey used to say:  “Now you know the rest of the story.”



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( February 20th, 2023 @ 8:25 am )
This is what happens when people that know little to nothing about the interpersonal mechanisms of politics, and even less about the history of governing consider themselves LARGE and in charge.

Remarkably, there is a great number of locals in the electorate that do not take these imposters, and the damage they do to real Republican candidates seriously.

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