Progressive GOP legislative "leaders" back new sell out on Medicaid expansion | Eastern North Carolina Now

The progressive "Republicans" who serve as GOP legislative leaders, Senate President Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore have agreed on a version of a bill to impose the Obamacare Medicaid expansion on North Carolina.  That has been liberal Governor Roy Cooper's top objective since he became governor and this pair is selling out the GOP base to give it to him.

Never mind that polls show Republican voters overwhelming oppose this big government welfare boondoggle or that the 3rd Congresional District Republican executive committee voted unanimously to oppose this terrible legislation.  These so-called "leaders" are simply out to please Roy Cooper and the special interests.  There is an old saying in politics that "you do not piss on your base" but Moore and Berger are not only urinating on it but also defecating on it.

This legislation will forcibly move from 120,000 to over 500.000 North Carolinians off of the employer-paid medical insurance they have now and onto a taxpayer funded welfare program.  Those whose doctors do not take Medicaid wlll lose their doctors.  Under Obamacare rules, if they are eligible for Medicaid, they must use that and are not eligible for other medical insurance.  Small businesses will find that with fewer employees on their group health plans, their insurance rates will go way up.

County governments will not only have to pay a portion of the Medicaid payments of these new Medicaid recipients, but they will have to hire lots of new staff to process enrollments.  That will likely raise many county's taxes.

While the federal government says it will pay 90% of the costs for three years, after that this boondoggle will fall back on state taxpayers and bust the state budget.

This is an awful bill.  Locally, conservative Rep. Keith Kidwell is strongly opposed to it, as is Sen. Norm Sanderson (R-Pamlico) while progressive Sen. Jim Perry (RINO-Lenoir) (RINO is a major supporter of it, as is progressive Rep. Tim Reeder (RINO-Pitt). This is all part of Obamacare and progressives like Perry and Reeder can be called Obamacare Republicans.

UPDATE:  There are now rumors that Berger and Moore, the progressive duo, wil put this boondoggle in the budget instead of running it as a separate bill, giving them more opportunity to punish conservatives who vote against it.  The "Republican" leaders of the legislature seem to be little more than a Democrat Fifth Column.

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( March 3rd, 2023 @ 7:35 am )
WE have way too many "transpartisan" politicians these days. They put on Republican clothing but underneath, they are still fully Democrats. Frankie Waters is a good example of that on the county commission, and out state senator, RINO Jim Perry is even worse. These poseurs are as phony as a three dollar bill. Unfortunately, these fake "Republicans" have held the Speakers seat in the House, first big time RINO Thom Tillis, and then his understudy, Timmy Moore. They are able to twist arms of too many weak kneed legislators who want to brownnose them. These transpartisans need to be flushed out in the primaries.

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