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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is PragerU.

    "If credibility is the lifeblood of journalism, the Mainstream Media is dead."

    Ashley Rindsberg, investigative journalist and author of "The Gray Lady Winked: How the New York Times's Misreporting, Distortions and Fabrications Radically Alter History," outlined the broad strokes of the Russian Collusion narrative that was manically propagated by the mainstream media and then quietly ignored after its claims were categorically discredited.

    In January 2023, the Columbia Review, a highly respected journalistic publication, published an in-depth review of the "Russiagate" scandal written by industry veteran Jeff Gerth. Gerth concluded that every major claim made about the Trump campaign's alleged collusion was false. "Let's step back and consider what this means: for some five years, the Mainstream Media, the New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN fed a grotesque lie to the public, that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to subvert an American election."

    A similar fact pattern would emerge in many of the allegations - initial sourcing from opposition research or highly disreputable sources would be referenced by the FBI or other government agents in anonymous statements to the media, who would then parrot the claims as if they were credible because the FBI was investigating them.

    These claims include:

  • Allegations that Trump campaign advisors George Papadopoulos and Carter Page were Russian agents
  • Allegations that Trump had close ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin
  • Allegations that Trump was financially connected to the Russian Alfa-Bank

    "There were 533,000 articles published about Russia and Trump during just the 22 months of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump's alleged involvement with Russia," Rindsberg noted.

    The Washington Post and The New York Times were both awarded Pulitzer Prizes for their reporting on the Russian Collusion story, reporting that was later revealed to be poorly sourced from ideologically motivated actors or completely fabricated evidence such as the Steele Dossier. Neither organization returned their prizes, and there has been little coverage of Gersh's exposé in the mainstream press.

    "Journalism is no longer about gathering the facts and presenting an accurate picture of reality," Rindsberg said. "It's about choosing sides."

    Rindsberg notes that this approach is the opposite of good journalism and it has completely destroyed the credibility of once-venerated outlets and institutions.

    "The only Trump era collusion that has been proven was between the Mainstream Media, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the Democratic Party, and elements within government agencies," Rindsberg said. "Together, they did more to sow discord between Americans than Russia could have ever dreamed of doing on its own."


In light of continued developments, primarily since 2008, there exists in these United States a Legal System which operates on a proved Two Tiered approach to justice rendered, which primarily benefits Democratic Elites and Woke Ideological Virtue Signalers, representing their co-dependent wards, to the expressed exclusion of normal hardworking American citizens: What is your suggestion in remedying this widespread injustice and, if not corrected, its existential outcome for our Constitutional Republic?
  Complete overhaul of the Department of Justice and their enforcers - the FBI - to reflect a far more honest justice system to keep patriots remaining calm.
  Disband the FBI, and request that congress investigate all unethical and non patriotic practices to partially right the wrongs of a distrusted and politically weaponized "Department of Justice."
  Continue with the current system since the two tiered justice system has been so remarkably beneficial to Democratic Socialist political hegemony; chronic distrust in institutions notwithstanding.
624 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

Since only about 20% of the News Media has any shred of Journalistic Integrity remaining: How does our Constitutional Republic continue without a "Free Press"?
  Demand real information, using real sources, backed up by facts.
  Promote real journalist entities only, and admonish those that prostitute their profession.
  We Democratic Socialists are doing just fine, thank-you, by promoting lies while having very little real knowledge about so much.
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Where do you stand on the wanton censorship by Big Tech Platforms, while retaining their Section 230 carveout indemnifying them for Slander /Defamation lawsuits and Copyright infringements?
  Big Tech Platforms have the right to Censor all speech providing they voluntarily relinquish their Section 230 Carveout.
  Big Tech Platforms DO NOT have the right to Censor any speech, while retaining multiple indemnifications by virtue of the Section 230 Carveout.
  I know nothing of this 230 talk, but "I do love me some social media".
476 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

Do you consider Election Integrity an issue of some real importance, or just another conspiracy theory interfering with Democratic Socialist political hegemony?
  No, complete access to everyone voting, even in a willy nilly manner, is more important than getting it right by limiting access to those that would commit Voter Fraud.
  Yes, the most inalienable right of real citizens of this Democratic Republic is the Right to Vote, and that right shall remain sacrosanct for perpetuity.
  Again, I don't vote and I don't care.
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Was it a judicious ploy for Joe Biden's FBI to execute the unprecedented raid of President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate?
  Yes; the Cheneys despise this former Republican president, and for good reason ... so they say.
  No; never has a former president been treated with this level of vindictive abuse by those temporarily in power.
  Who cares? It's Trump.
925 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

In the face of a known scandal finally being revealed by the corrupt Legacy Media regarding Joe Biden, his Mishandling of Classified Documents and his long history of Influence Peddling to our Foreign Adversaries for Personal and Familial Profit: What do you believe the outcome will be in America's Leftist practice of a Two Tiered Justice System?
  Nothing will happen since the Democratic Socialist Left is corrupt to the core, and their non patriot ambitions are only the control of power.
  Justice WILL be served, but NOT without a tremendous fight by those willing to save the Republic.
  Why can't everyone else understand that the Left is special because we care so much for our own, especially the well being of the president and his family, especially Hunter.
  What difference does it make; I am a product of a failed public education system.
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