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Two German states held elections yesterday and parties of both the traditional and populist right gained significant ground while parties of the left lost seats and vote share.  In Germany's largest state, Bavaria, parties of the right finished in first, second, and third place, while in economic powerhouse Hesse, they finished in first and second place.  Both traditional and populist conservatives criticized the center-left government on illegal immigration and "green" policy.

In Hesse, the traditional conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) increased its vote share from 27% to 34.6%, coming in first place, while the populist nationalist anti-immigration right Alternativ fur Deutschland (AfD) came in second with 18.4%,, up from 13.1% in the last election.  The conservative Free Voters received 3.5%, up from 2% in the last election, but failed to reach the 5% threshold to win seats.  The parties of the center left national coalition government, the Social Democrats, Greens, and Free Democrats all lost vote share and seats.  A recount will be necessary to determine if the Free Democrats even qualify for any seats.

In Bavaria, the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU), a national partner of the CDU, but to the right of the CDU, retained its first place position and vote share with 37%.  Its current coalition partner, the very conservative Free Voters, came in second with 15.8%, up from 11.6% in the last election.  The AfD was in third place with 14.6%, up from 10.2% in the last election.  The three parties in the national coalition government all lost vote share and seats, with the Free Democrats losing all of their seats.

The far left Left Party lost all of its seats in Hesse and failed to win any in Bavaria, where it has never had any.

At a rally a week before the election, the AfD co-leader in Bavaria was attacked with a syringe by two young males which caused him to collapse and be taken to intensive care, but he is apparently okay.

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( October 10th, 2023 @ 9:16 am )
"Stakeholders" is an Orwellian term of the globalists. Total Newspeak, and widely used and promoted by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. Has Waters been making trips to Davos that we don't know about? Or does he just read Schwab's propaganda and follow it?. Globalism comes to Beaufort County.
( October 10th, 2023 @ 8:40 am )
Right now as you write Frankie Waters is conferring with "stakeholders" (yes, he used that word) - Beaufort County Realtors / Attorneys - to determine the county's position on formal recordation in the Beaufort County Registry.

It seems for some that this issue has moved from the proper permanent recordation of records to a space problem, and now it is becoming a 'what does Hood have against using the internet(?)' problem.

This is how Democratic Socialists deal with complicated issue (for them only, of course).

This is not rocket science. The logical position, and I will state it again is: Record in as many manners possible to be stored in as many disparate places as is feasible.
( October 10th, 2023 @ 7:56 am )
Another thought. I seem to remember some radio ads about Frankie Waters being weak on immigration issues. Such positions among the fake "Republicans" on the Beaufort County Commission would correspond to what is pulling down the center-left in Germany, particularly the Free Democrats, the "center" portion of the coalition..
( October 9th, 2023 @ 11:25 pm )
Thanks for the primer John.

Steve Rader told me of a voting plan where all 7 county commissioners would run every 2 years, where all citizens would get 7 votes every two years in county wide at large voting /14 votes over a 4 year period, where now citizens only get 2 votes in that same 4 year period. It sounded like a workable plan, with "single shot voting" for some if desired, or needed.

What this plan could effect is to get some real Republicans on the board of commissioners, straighten out a number of important issues, set the board up for a Conservative management plan going forward in terms of budgeting, policy and oversight, and then cut the number of commissioners from 7 to 5 (my idea to help better manage local issues).

That plan would be a step in the right direction for Beaufort County.
( October 9th, 2023 @ 9:31 pm )
That is a far cry from the dynamics of current German politics addressed in this thread, which as the headline of a major German newspaper recently proclaimed is "shifting right". The problem in Beaufort County is that since limited voting arrived, there have always been a number of "fake Republicans" running under the Republican banner and getting elected. These are really Democrats-in-Drag and ally with the out of the closet Democrats on the board rather than the genuine Republicans. That means the Democrats are the tail that wags the dog. A good example is Frankie Waters who was a lifelong Democrat who only switched a few months before filing as a "Republican" for county commission, and in the last election contributed money to the Democrat running for sheriff. Until limited voting is eliminated, Beaufort County is screwed. Of course, what is needed to replace it is a system that is not itself manipulated. I prefer an all at-large plan but a district plan under some circumstances could work, too. I don't see how Republicans tolerate some of their elected officials brazenly selling their souls to the Democrats for a title, but under limited voting, they have gotten away with it.

But I guess there is one analogy to German politics and that is that the weakest link in the center-left coalition is the "center" portion of it, the Free Democrats, a party that ideologically is more to the center-right and has often been a coalition partner of the CDU and even tried to broker an FDP-CDU-AfD coalition after one state election. It has been badly hurt politically by its national alliance with the Social Democrats and the Greens, losing all of its seats in a series of state elections. The Free Democrats, who in the past have been to the right of the CDU on immigration and have resisted much of the green agenda in the past, are being abandoned by their base who are upset over the party's flip-flops on those issues. Its sole option to going down the drain in the next national election may be to trigger that election themselves by abandoning the current coalition, and a few of its top leaders have already put out cautious feelers in that direction.
( October 9th, 2023 @ 8:04 pm )
Okay John Steed: What do you project will be the fortunes of the burgeoning "Republican" corner of the Center /Left Coalition Ruling the Beaufort County Commission?
( October 9th, 2023 @ 7:17 pm )
The center=left governing parties are really going to take it on the chin in the state elections in Germany that are set for next year, because all of them are in eastern Germany, where the populist-nationalist anti-immigration right AfD is running first in the polls and the Christian Democrats second. The states are Saxony, Brandenburg, and Thuringia. The smallest party of the center-left coalition, the Free Democrats look to be wiped out in all of those states, and the two bigger parties, the Social Democrats and Greens could well see a total wipeout in at least one of the states each. And, yes, immigration, and the climate nonsense are what are driving votes to the right and away from the left.
( October 9th, 2023 @ 5:30 pm )
The immigration issue is big in Europe and citizen disgust at allowing illegal immigration is festering. This has been a big and growing trend in European elections, and we will soon start to see it in America in a big way.

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