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Mike Johnson, the new Speaker of the U. S. House sent out this email:

To my core, I believe the most important things in life are faith, family, and freedombut those foundations of our great country are under attack.

Right now, in America, children are being taught in many schools to be ashamed of their country and themselves. The pledge is being taken out of school because it mentions God. Free speech is being censored and silenced right before our eyes. Democrats are fighting for the right to elective abortion right up to the moment of birth. Unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats are seeking control of almost every aspect of our lives.

This is simply un-American, and we must stop the madness.

We must elect more leaders who make decisions based on American values with an emphasis on God, family, and country. It’s the only way to preserve the blessings we have been given here.

I would like to add a big AMEN to Speaker Johnson's comments.

We must elect more local leaders that will stand for these values.

There is a local election going on now that is more important than most realize.  The leaders of your local municipality play a bigger role in the future of your town than maybe at any time in the past.  There is a wonderful opportunity with the expansion of Warren Field and the new Drone Development Center that can develop with the right leadership.  It can also be another lost opportunity like some in the past without a mayor that understands business and progress.  You have an opportunity to elect a person with all of the credentials to accomplish this with Bobby Roberson. 

The past is a glimpse into the future, and all should consider what has gone before with the past leadership in Washington.  You have an opportunity to change that and capitalize on this great opportunity with a leader like Bobby Roberson. 

With Reference to our Beaufort County Public Schools, the current record says it all.  It is a failure.  Not because of teachers but because of leadership.  The way to change that is to change the leadership and that starts with your school board.

Left Wing Ideology has no place in our schools.  As Mike Johnson is pointing out, “We simply must make a change before it is too late.  Other Counties and states may cave in but we have strong God fearing patriotic people in Beaufort County and we must all come together and get involved. 

Go to the School Board meetings.  Join your local PTO.  Go visit your school.  Get involved.  Find out where the problem lies and work to change it.

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Big Bob said:
( November 3rd, 2023 @ 6:04 pm )
In my experience government, local all the way to federal level, is guided by laws. Appointments to various positions must be done lawfully. Its not some big conspiracy.
( November 3rd, 2023 @ 6:18 pm )
John Steed, you could easily be describing the USA Executive Branch, as well. Over the decades our Congress has surrendered so much of its power to the WhiteHouse, tha WeThePpl are now living at the mercy of all old fool, who wont live long enough to suffer with the rest of us, under the misery of a destroyed Republic.
( November 3rd, 2023 @ 5:14 pm )
We have three unelected bureaucrats in this county that have way too much power - the school superintendant, the county manager, and the city manager -- amd they all need to be cut down to size, at minimum, and even better replaced. The county manager rules due to an incredible weak county commission chairman who keeps lots of information from the full county commission. The school superintendant has not only a very eaak chairman, but a majority of the board are weak. The city manager is the flunky for Mayor Sadler, but may not even let Sadler know everything he is doing. Sadler, like Cheeseman, is a control freak. Our county would be a lot better off if all three of those bureaucrats were gone tomorrow.

The city does offer some strong candidates who will look out for the taxpayers such as Bobby Roberson, Tex Melton, and Gary Ceres. William Pitt and Lisa Peyton-Jones are also worth considering. Pitt stood up against Sadler's tax increase, and Jones at least talks right on those issues.

But we need out elected officials to do their jobs and not let the unelected bureaucrats have control. -
( November 3rd, 2023 @ 2:16 pm )
Its election time again, but it doesnt matter who we elect because the only thing that will change is the flavor of the corruption.

As long as we have a corrupt self-serving City Manager, the local corruption will continue. (Anyone checked his bank acct?)

Why is no one ever held accountable?
Because here and there, the people in govt, that are holding the dirt over each other, would rather hold it in secret, so that dirt can be weaponized to control each other, and silence each other.
The manager controls all the incoming info, and can keep that knowledge from the elected ones, so that they can claim "plausible deniability." Dem or GOP... it is the system.
The campaigners keep promising change and never deliver. They blame others. You all know this is true. I exclude Trump... he tried and is still trying to do the right things for WeThePpl. He is practically a martyr for the nation. God Bless Trump.
Big Bob said:
( November 1st, 2023 @ 8:04 pm )
My comment is: If you're running for election, and you lose. For the love of God, stfu.
( November 1st, 2023 @ 6:16 pm )
If you check Bobby Roberson's voting record, you will find he has consistently opposed Sadler's big spending and Sadler's tax increases. He has also led some successful battles to protect local citizens from projects pushed by the mayor's cronies.

As to the corruption at the Housing Authority, Bobby was the first to bring this to light. Gary Ceres picked up on it early and has beat the drum more loudly, but it was Bobby who first went to the Register of Deeds to get the goods on the transaction with Richard Brooks. If you had been at his campaign forums, you would have heard him discuss these situations in detail. And Bobby has sent this information to Raleigh to be fully investigated and dealt with. Bobby has also been the one to expose the junketing, all over the country at taxpayer expense by the Housing Authority board, led by Sadler's wife, with Sadler himself on many of those trips.
( November 1st, 2023 @ 3:01 pm )
Yes its election time. The time when we may exchange 1 swamp creature for diff 1. And yes, a GOP swamp creature might be an improvement over a Democrat, its still a swamp creature. The rot begins with the city manager who hires, fires the useful idiots ... & promotes the Mayor's favorite agendas so that he can be sure of keeping his job.

So, voters take this as a warning, you cant take your eye off the prize (truth), because the rot will continue with a diff face. Bobby has been on the council a long time, but did nothing to stop the corruption at the Housing Authority. Why not? He wont answer the phone to explain himself. Maybe if you are 1 of the martini sippers he answers the phone 4u, but not others.

I have personally heard Bobby say: I think a person should be able to do whatever he wants on his own land. As a conservative, at 1st I think yeah, me too. But then I realize, if 1 person is allowed 2 violate ordinances, then another citizens rights r being violated.
Big Bob said:
( November 1st, 2023 @ 3:09 pm )
yes Gary, if multiple prospectives are presented and taught, you are still allowed to form your own opinions and come to your own conclusions. No question. I support that. Your last post suggests you do not. Please clarify
( November 1st, 2023 @ 1:56 pm )
Big bob, no I didn't learn it from that perspective at all I learned both sides and we were allowed to make our own and draw our own conclusions we actually had debates in classe. we weren't spoon-fed how to think and what conclusions to draw. I did not attend schools in North Carolina but I can tell you when I went to school we had open and honest debates we were not indoctrinated we were not told we had to think a certain way we didn't have any of this race-based or gender Theory nonsense that's being taught now we were talking the facts and to draw our own conclusions we wrote papers that we had to back up with primary sources. I was in AP History and loved the open and honest discussions we used to have you can't have that today in most classrooms because everything is spoon-fed to students out of a textbook written usually from a very biased source.
Big Bob said:
( November 1st, 2023 @ 11:54 am )
I chose that example because it illistrates my point. History is complex, how we teach it is important and there is always more than one perspective. Traditionally, in our schools, the white perspective take center stage. in the last 20 years a shift has taken place to include more perspectives in the lessons we teach our kids.

I think its a good thing. Some would disagree.

CV calls me a troll. while it's true I can be snarky from time to time, on this I offer my honest opinion. History matters. How we tell history matters. Our kids are better people if they learn the earth does not revolve around them and people who look like them. Use more than one perspective, even if it makes you uncomfortable. It's how we grow and become better.
( November 1st, 2023 @ 11:06 am )
I agree that history should be taught as honestly as we know all the information available to do so.

An example of such: I agree that killing over a million buffalo to feed railroad workers, while starving the plains Indians was incredibly cruel and stupid on many fronts.

I agree that slavery was wrong, but that it was no more of a South issue than it was a North issue. The War Between the States could have NOT been fought, and slavery still ended by negotiations if all parties were realistic and fair.

That is the way I see the teaching of history, but I do not write the books.
( November 1st, 2023 @ 10:52 am )
"Just the facts mam, just the facts"
"My mind is like concrete, all mixed up and solidly set."
Just some old sayings that came to mind.
Another one that I remember often is, "No matter how much a man believes a thing in his heart, it does not make it true."
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