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More than 500 rockets fired by Palestinian Islamic terrorists over the last couple of weeks have fallen inside Gaza, killing and wounding large numbers of Palestinians.

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Ryan Saavedra.

    More than 500 rockets fired by Palestinian Islamic terrorists over the last couple of weeks have fallen inside Gaza, killing and wounding large numbers of Palestinians.

    IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said that since Hamas launched their war against Israel on October 7 that approximately 20 percent of the rockets fired by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have fallen inside the Gaza Strip - numbers that are similar to the percentage of rockets that landed in Gaza during the terrorist's attacks in 2021.

    "More than 550 rockets launched by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have failed, killing innocent civilians in Gaza," he said. "They are killing their own civilians."


    Hamas leader abroad Khaled Mashal said during an interview this week that many Palestinian civilians would need to die before they managed to achieve their goal, which is the destruction of Israel.

    "Nations are not easily liberated," he told Saudi Arabian media. "The Russians sacrificed 30 million people in World War II, in order to liberate it from Hitler's attack. The Vietnamese sacrificed 3.5 million people until they defeated the Americans. Afghanistan sacrifice millions of martyrs to defeat the USSR and then the US. The Algerian people sacrificed six million martyrs over 130 years. The Palestinian people are just like any other nation. No nation is liberated without sacrifices."

    One of the rockets that terrorists launched this week caused a major international crisis after the Hamas-run Palestinian Health Ministry claimed that an explosion at a hospital was the result of an Israeli bomb and that it killed 500+ people.

    Every aspect of what the Palestinians claimed happened has effectively been debunked through evidence and refuted in statements released by Israeli officials, U.S. officials, and now European officials.

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released evidence showing that the explosion was not caused by an aerial bomb and did not strike the hospital - it exploded in a parking lot. It also released intercepted communications from Hamas terrorists who said the explosion was caused by a rocket fired by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

    U.S. Intelligence later confirmed that it had "satellite and other infrared data showing a launch of a rocket or missile from Palestinian fighter positions within Gaza," according to a report from The New York Times.


    AFP reported that a European intelligence agency told the publication: "There wasn't 200 or even 500 deaths, more likely between 10 and 50."

    AFP later reported that new estimates from the U.S. Intelligence Community paint the number of deaths at "far fewer" than what the Palestinians claimed.

    A U.S. intelligence assessment viewed by the AFP said that the number of estimated deaths was at the "low end of the 100-to-300 spectrum."

In the minds of many, since January 20, 2021, the World has become far less safe in every theater of conflict, beginning with the attack of Israel by Iran /Hamas, so the question becomes: What caused this Worldwide calamity of extreme geopolitical dysfunction, and what will correct it?
  Joe Biden is the cause of this frightening Worldwide situation, and it will end when a Republican is elected president.
  This delayed Worldwide dysfunction and constant conflict is all Donald Trump's fault, as it is with everything that occurs going forward, and long before the man ever became the 45th president..
  Joe Biden is the "root cause" of this frightening Worldwide situation, and it will end when former President Donald John Trump is elected president.
  In the imitable words of Alfred E. Newman: "What, me worry?"
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26 days after the October 7th Terror attacks on Israel, where over 1400 Jewish men, women and children were gruesomely murdered, and hundreds more made hostage: Should the Biden /Harris administration finally state that the administration's primary Middle East negotiating partner, Iran, is behind the funding and strategy of the aggressors, the Hamas Terrorists, or continue to take the more moderate position of "Don't," which is clearly not working?
  Yes, name Iran as the funding /strategy culprit, and begin to enforce the President Trump era sanctions to END Iran's ability to prosecute this war against Israel and the United States.
  No, Iran is a valuable partner in the motives of the Biden / Harris administration, and must not be named as the culprit and our enemy.
  I have larger concerns just to survive in this economy.
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