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Germany's Left Party has lost its parliamentary status and faces financial liquidation after it split over the issues of illegal mass migration and wokeness.  Ten of its members of parliament walked out to form a new anti-immigration anti-woke party of the left, leaving the remaining party legislators without enough seats to continue to be recognized as a parliamentary party.  They will continue to sit in the Budestag as independents for this term, but polls also show the party will not win enough votes to enter parliament in the next election.  The party also loses it government subsidy and will have to immediately fire around a hundred employees.

The Left Party was created by a merger of the old East German Communist Party and a left wing faction of the Social Democrats.

The walkout was led by Sahra Wagenknecht, former Left Party floor leader and its most popular politician, who had been sidelined over her outspoken opposition to mass migration from the Third World into Germany and her strong opposition to the "woke" agenda.   Wagenknecht has formed her own new party, the BSW Party to contest the next election as an anti-immigration anti-woke party of the left.  Her party is also expected to appeal to working class Social Democrat voters upset with their own party's positions on these issues.

Crime and welfare usage have skyrocketed due to the migrant crisis, and the cost to German taxpayers is enormous.


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( December 10th, 2023 @ 3:23 pm )
Invasion of western countries by illegal aliens is becoming an issue for left wing as well as conservative voters. Anti-immigration parties of the left did well in the redent parliamentary election in Slovakia, for example.

It is time more voters on the left in the US paid attention. The recent demonstrations in black neighborhoods in Chicago vowing to vote Republican or Independent rather than Democrat over the influx of illegal aliens is one sign that voters of the left are indeed starting to pay attention here.

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