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call comes at UN climate conference in Dubai


The man who once claimed, falsely, to have invented the internet, Al Gore, now is demanding that the internet be censored to limit content to only the establishment's narrative.  Gore demanded that algorithims that allow diversity of thought on the internet to be banned in a speech he made at the UN's climate conference in Dubai.

It would seem the climate ideologues are getting miffed that so much of their alarmist dogma is being debunked by facts and science and want to put a stop to that.  Gore, personally, has multiple climate predictions that have proven wrong.  Gore compared the algorithims that allow free expression on the internet to AR-15s.

Gore bizarrely claimed that free expression was a "threat to democracy" when the opposite is actually true.  Free speech is essential to democracy, and without it real democracy cannot exist.

This is just another example proving the truth of former Czech Republic President Dr. Vaclav Klaus' observation that climate alarmism is "a budding totalitarian ideology that is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today."

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( December 16th, 2023 @ 9:48 am )
Big Bob: Here is a truth; you truly are tone deaf to what is real.

Actually, you are a cliché of all that is unimportant - the banal - in a real sense, which is the opposite of my world ... what is truly real.
Big Bob said:
( December 16th, 2023 @ 9:43 am )
just can't handle the truth.
How long before we see Stan with brown shoe polish running down his face insisting two black ladies from Georgia stole the election. At what point does the public have enough of this horses*t?
( December 16th, 2023 @ 9:01 am )
You are wrong CV on one point in the Wanton Suppression of the "Hunter's Laptop" Real News : In a relative mathematical sense, you stated that the "freedom of speech is that the corrupt MSM media suppressed critical information in the 2020 election," and also stated that the "corrupt media that ought to be paying out many millions of dollars for what they did;" the relative correct amount should be closer to tens of trillions of dollars, and the punitive damages should be tens, if not hundreds of trillions of dollars more to the American people if one considers a relative amount of damages.

My honest mathematical estimate is, of course, of a conservative amount in a relative sense.
( December 16th, 2023 @ 7:41 am )
Two Georgia women sued New Yorker Guiliani in Washington, DC for defamation. Why was that? Because DC judges and juries have proven themselves highly partisan. It is a place where one goes for a Stalin show trial. They will nail Republicans just for being Republican, and give a pass to a Democrat just for being a Democrat.

Judge shopping and forum shooping has always been something of a problem in our court system, but in the last few years, it has become a political problem, too. Venue should have been in Georgia, and fair trials for political cases can no longer be had in Washington, DC.

While I haven't followed the ins and outs of that case, I have watched in disgust the way cases with a political aspect are handled in Washington, DC, and it is shameful for American justice.

This was also NOT a freedom of speech case, so you are again trying to deflect. The "actual reality" that applies to freedom of speech is that the corrupt MSM media suppressed critical information in the 2020 election about the material on Hunter Biden's laptop which changed the outcome of the election. It is that corrupt media that ought to be paying out many millions of dollars for what they did or better yet their execs spending many, many years in prison for election interference.
Big Bob said:
( December 15th, 2023 @ 6:27 pm )
Lets stick to actual reality. Today, in a court of law, Rudy just lost 140 million to the two women he lied about causing racist MAGA butt holes to terrorize for the past couple years.

Bahahahahahahahaha. Court. Where truth lives, and MAGA goes to die.
( December 15th, 2023 @ 10:34 am )
There is also what is called the "court of public opinion". Voters were entitled to know about the indications of corruption which went up to the Big Guy to make up their minds in the election. Voters were denied that by partisan collusion of the MSM media which suppressed the story for political reasons. That is election interference by the MSM. Polls showed it would have changed the results if it had been reported honestly instead of suppressed.
Big Bob said:
( December 15th, 2023 @ 8:19 am )
Well at least we agree, AJ is a pig. Hunter is no prize either but as far as I can tell, he does not hold office. If someone can prove JB has committed some kind of crime, I’m with you. But you have to do it in court. The pages of the BO don’t count.
Why? Because non of us have any first hand knowledge about any of this and are just repeating what we’ve read.
Even Steve Ducy agrees with me. Wink
( December 15th, 2023 @ 7:25 am )
That Sandy Hook stuff was indeed very intense for a few people personally, yes it was, but the Hunter Biden laptop revealed political corruption at the very top of our federal government and the involvement of a presidential candidate and his family in that corruption, including financial ties to Communist China. That was extremely significant to the entire country, and post election polls showed that if it had been reported honestly by the MSM instead of covered up, it would have changed the outcome of the presidential election. Polls also now whow that with what has finally come out since the election on the content of Hunter Biden's laptop, a solid majority of Americans comprehend that Biden and his family are corrupt. The MSM covered that up for political reasons at the crucial time.

The relative significant oc these is not even close. One was critically important for the top levels of our government and to the understanding of the American voters during a presidential election. The other was traumatic to a small group of people, but not otherwise significant. Alex Jones is a jerk, but corruption at the highest levels of our government is a hell of a lot more significant.
Big Bob said:
( December 14th, 2023 @ 9:25 pm )
A laptop and left wing politics vs telling a mother of a dead kid to shut the hell up and that she’s a crisis actor. Or that her kid never existed and the shooting was fake. I’d punch that fat freak right in the mouth and take my chances with a jury.
( December 14th, 2023 @ 9:01 pm )
The "standards" of the leftwing MSM Big Media are supporting the leftwing / Democrat narrative. Anything that goes against that narrative they sweep under the rug and they spin the rest of it to fit that narrative.

The Hunter Biden laptop is a good example, something they suppressed because it hurt the Biden campaign if people knew about it. That was a deliberate act of political interference and all the MSM media were in on it. Post election polls show that if it had been reported honestly, Trump would have won. The MSM are the lapdogs of the Democrats and the left.

Al Gore wants to institutionalize that sort of election interference by only telling the "politically correct" side of the story. BTW, that cartoon shows just how much Gore looks like a much older version of Greta Thunberg. Gore himself is a good example of MSM media sweeping things under the rug, like his multiple sexual assaults on women,
Big Bob said:
( December 14th, 2023 @ 4:04 pm )
JS, you're half right. Never saw MSNBC do what pig man Jones did and does. If I was one of the parents at Sandy Hook, Alex wouldn't need a lawyer. He would need a doctor. Then I would need a lawyer.
( December 14th, 2023 @ 2:29 pm )
Alex Jones and MSNBC are equivalent nutcase news, but on different ends of the spectrum.

The big corporate network news has been politically slanted for years, and heavily so. Studies have been showing that for decades, and in recent years, the polls have shown that most Americans comprehend that they are politically slanted.
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