former CDC director says it is time to admit dangers of Covid vaccines | Eastern North Carolina Now

as UK starts to acknowledge risks of their AstraZenica Covid mRNA vax


Dr. Robert Redfield, former Director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), who held that position during Operation Warp Speed when the Covid vaccines were developed, has recently stated in an interview that it is time to admit some of the dangerous side effects of the mRNA vaccines developed for Covid.  He admitted that those dangers were known but suppressed during the vaccine rollout to encouragae people to get the shots.

The mRNA vaccines distributed in the United States were the Moderna and Pfizer shots.  The Johnson and Johnson vaccine was not an mRNA shot.  The UK's mRNA shot, Astra Zenica, has also recently been admitted to cause dangerous side effects in some recipients.   mRNA shots have been established to sometimes cause dangerous heart conditions, blood clots, and other side effects.  The inventer of the mRNA process has long warned that there had not been nearly enough testing to release these vaccines for public use.

Meanwhile, the former Director of the US National Insititute of Health has admitted that there was never any scientific evidence for the "social distancing" mandates during th Covid era.

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