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political prosecution seeks ten year prison sentence for doctor


A young Texas surgeon who blew the whistle on a children's hospital in Texas for continuing to secretly perform child genital mutilation surgeries after it claimed to  have stopped is being prosecuted by the Biden Department of Justice for doing so. Dr. EItham Haim is facing ten years in prison and has entered a not guilty plea in federal court.

Texas banned child genital mutilation surgeries, and Texas Children's Hospital claimed they had stopped performing them, but in secret continued on in spite of state law.  Dr. Haim produced documents, with patient identifying information redacted, that proved the surgeries continued.  This finally put a stop to the practice of mutilating the genitals of children for "gender transition".

This act however made him a target of Biden's DOJ, who like the rest of that regime push the gender identity ideology.  They indicted the good doctor on four federal felonies and sent four heavily armed FBI agents to his home to server the indictment. 

In addition, they sent two FBI agents to the home of a nurse who had blown the whistle on Texas Childrens Hospital on child genital mutilation to intimidate her.

This is one of a series of Biden DOJ political prosecutions against people with a different ideological or cultural point of view.  They have a veritable jihad against little old ladies peacefully protesting at abortion clinics who they try to send to prison for years, while not arrested a single one of the violent and destructive pro-Hamas demonstrators who recently descended on Washington, DC.

This is a political weaponization of our courts against political enemies and is a major assault on democracy.  They are making America a police state.

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( June 19th, 2024 @ 6:27 pm )
The "lawfare" attacks on those who disagree with the Biden political agenda are attacks on our democracy. This should not be tolerated in a free country. It goes beyond just Trump. The DOJ and FBI are both corrupt. A majority of Americans in a poll agreed that the FBI iG now Biden's personal Gestapo.
( June 19th, 2024 @ 8:58 am )
The stinking corrupt cesspool that is the Biden DOJ needs to be totally and completely drained by the next Trump administration. Every one of these lowlife progressive hacks needs to be fired and replaced by common sense officials.

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