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omen for next national election


In a special election in a Parliament riding (district) in central Toronto that was considered one the safest Liberal seats in the country, the Conservative challenger Don Stewart has won an upset victory by 1.6 points.  The Liberals had won the Toronto-St. Pauls riding by over 24 points in the last election.  A similar 25 point swing across the country would virtually wipe out Trudeau's Liberal Party in parliament.

The seat became vacant when its previous Liberal MP resigned to take an appointment as an ambassador.  Conservatives had not won any national parliamentary seat in Toronto since 2011, although they do hold a number of seats at the provincial level in the Ontario parliament.

The unexpected Conservative victory came just a week after the national leader of the Conservatives announced that the party intended to crack down on immigration, both legal and illegal.   Stewart campaigned primarily on inflation, the cost of living, and crime.

The national leader of the Conservative Party called on Trudeau for an early election for the national parliament over Trudeau's carbon tax.

Canada can be prone to huge voter swings.  In the last election for the provincial parliament in Ontario, in which Toronto is located, Doug Ford's Conservatives flipped a 2 to 1 Liberal over Conservative majority to a 10 to 1 Conservative over Liberal majority running on a platform of ending the Liberals green energy mania. Ford's new provincial government immediately cancelled all wind and solar permits then in the pipeline and repealed the Green Energy Act.  It also indicted three wind energy companies for mulitple felonies for polluting the groundwater.

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( June 26th, 2024 @ 9:55 am )
Fighting to stop illegal immigration is an election winnder all over the western world. It will make Donald Trump a winner in November.

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