Johathan Turley: Biden is threat to free speech and Trump should call him on it | Eastern North Carolina Now

says Biden biggest threat to free speech in American history


Influential George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley has written a column in USA Today in which he calls Joe Biden the biggest threat to free speech since John Adams in 1800.  He urges Trump and other presidential candidates to call Biden out on it. "While democracy is not on the ballot, free speech is," Turley declared  Free speech is essential for democracy to exist and function and without it there cannot be democracy.

"We are now seeing what is arguably the most dangerous anti-free speech movement in our history," Turley wrote, "President Joe BIden is, in my view, the most anti-free speech president since Adams.  Under his administration, we have seen a massive censorship system funded and directed by the government. A federal judge described the system as "Orwellian" in its scope and impact."

Meanwhile a poll for the very liberal Washington Post has found that 44% of American voters think Trump will be stronger in defending democracy compated to 33% who think Biden will.  Americans are waking up on where the threat to democracy comes from.


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( June 27th, 2024 @ 10:06 am )
That Supreme Court decision against free speech is not quite as bad as it seems in some of the media coverge, although it was a major betrayal by some Trump appointees that was shocking. The court did not rule on the merits of the case just on what is called "stanading" meaning the right of plaintiffs to file a lawsuit. What it means is that the case is being sent back to the federal district court for a hearing on standing and then has to go back through the process again, which will take well over a year to reach the Supreme Court again.

This was a cop out. The SCOTUS should have just affirmed the excellent opinion from the Circuit Court of Appeals. Now there are no constraints on the Biden regime monkeying around with censorship during this presidential election.

Amy Barrett was a particular disappointment. She wrote the cop out decision of the court, and even used the lefty weasel words "content moderation" to describe what is clearly censorship in violation of the First Amendment. Trump could have done a lot better than Barrett to fill that vacancy.
( June 26th, 2024 @ 1:28 pm )
Trump needs to focus on free speech in choosing new SCOTUS members. Kavanaugh and Barrett turned out to be bad choices who went along with that sellout Roberts sweeping the issue under the rug in the most important First Amendment case in decades. Shame on them. I don't give a rat's ass how they stand on abortion. Free speech is far more important.
( June 26th, 2024 @ 12:15 pm )
That the SCOTUS dodged ruling on the key First Amendment free speech case of Missouri v. Biden on a "standing" issue, makes it imperative that anti-free speech thug Biden be defeated in November. We need a president who will appoint more free speech stalwarts to the court. Biden's one appointee is extremely anti-free speech.

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