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see "no future" in France


France's parliamentary election had the following results among major parties and blocks in the second round (with difference in vote percentage from first round):

Nattional Rally - 37.1% (up 3.9 points)  143 seats

New Popular Front (far left) - 25.6% (down 2.4 points) 182 seats

Ensemble (Macron) - 24.5% (up 3.2 points) 168 seats

Les Republicains (trad. right) 5.4% (down 1.1 points) 45 seaats

The New Popular Front includes the French Communist Party but is led by its largest component, France Unbowed, which is to the left of even the communists.

Although winning a lot fewer votes, the far left won significantly more seats.  That has French Jews scared because they consider the far left a big threat to them.  Leading French Jews sounded off to the Times of Israel, one leading rabbi saying he saw "no future" for Jews in France as a result of the far left's vote.

Among those elected on the ticket of the  far left New Popular Front was an ANTIFA leader who is on France's terrorist watch list and who  has been involved in anti-Jewish activities.

A former Israeli Defense Minister has urged France's 500,000 Jews to flee the country, saying "there is no time" over the kingmaker status of the anti-semitic far left.  He pointed out that the leader of the France Unbowed party, the core of the New Popular Front, has regularly bashed Jews and Israel.

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( July 8th, 2024 @ 4:16 pm )
If you listened to the whole comment, Bobbie, Robinson was talking about killing Nazis (and the Japs who bombed Pearl Harbor) in WWII. I kinda think Jewish folks would approve of that. But then you lefties always are trying to take something out of context and use it for a smear.

Hitler belonged to the National SOCIALIST German Workers (Nazi) Paty. Sounds like YOUR kind of people, Bobbie.
Big Bob said:
( July 8th, 2024 @ 12:17 pm )
In his mind, everyone left of Hitler is a criminal.
( July 8th, 2024 @ 10:08 am )
Why should French Jews be fearful of a North Carolina lieutenant governor, who may not even have ever been to France? His name is Robinson, not Roberson, and he was talking about executing war criminals. He was not my first choice for governor (that was Dale Folwell) but he beats the heck out of leftwinger Josh Stein.
Big Bob said:
( July 8th, 2024 @ 9:33 am )
They better be fearful of ‘some need killing’ Mark Roberson. What a loon. To the BOs credit I don’t see much support for him in these pages.

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