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What the heck are talking about now ... Deatherage? It's simple: You help us and we'll help you.

Bird-dogging is a near archaic euphemism concerning the referring of business to a known and respected principle with the preconceived understanding that there will be a reward. Now that we have that out of the way ...

    What the heck are talking about now ... Deatherage? It's simple: You help us and we'll help you. That is the whole idea of this hokey concept of "Bird-dogging with Benefits", and we are committed to providing our superior products for our superior prices to the community at large. Of course, you are invited to participate at every level. To conclude, in better words, you can help yourself by helping others.

    Here is how it works. We provide the highest quality web services in Beaufort County, probably all of eastern North Carolina, and you share that with your friends and associates, thereby convincing them to do business with us; then we provide you a substantial discount as you do business with us, or when you do business with us (SNI).

    SNI ... What is that? SNI is the acronym for Symbiotic Networks, Inc., which is the parent corporation of the Symbiotic Publishing Company, which is the owner of Beaufort County NOW (BCN) - the region's only Moderated Informational Platform; and Beaufort County Business (BCB), an associated and ancillary site to BCN. While BCN is no local household name, it is the top website originating from Beaufort County, and No. 2 is too far in the rear view mirror to visually recognize. How and why is that Deatherage that you have not been promoting this wonderful product that you boast of?

    Simply, I have kept my head down low for a variety of reasons: 1) We had to build the product(s) from scratch, stacking and rearranging lines of code until to we built our leading edge product(s) to their present level, and trust me on this one truth: It is an evolutionary process, so we ain't anywhere close to being done. 2) I'm just one man, with a short talented staff, so, I have waited until we got to what I like to call the 'jumping off point', and we are absolutely there ... 'in spades'. 3) I have waited until BCN, our Symbiotic Publisher prototype, exploded into first place in all significant criteria for this immediate region; probably to make my job easier as I seek people I can do business with. 4) And maybe the most important here, I needed to be convinced that our Symbiotic Publisher Content Management System (CMS) was on the path to exist in the northern reaches of any upper echelon of Content Management Systems - we're there now - furthermore, that SNI's CMS could be impregnably secure, and locked down, on our server, as our intellectual property, as our trade secret, thereby remaining safe from the criminal devices of those who would commit cyber crime.

Here above we proudly display the preliminary traffic numbers for Beaufort County NOW this February through the first 15 days to better express our proved status as No. 1.

    So that is why I have not knocked on your door, offering our superior products (even earlier they were), our superior service. However, I am here now to do so, and I am offering steep discounts on our already best priced services / product(s), just to move faster, create jobs - yes, I am hiring the right people - make the internet work better for all that employ our superior 'Cyber Ecosphere'. To that end we initiate the Bird-dogging with Benefits gimmick, I mean program.

    Now, back to the Bird-dogging for Benefits program:

    SNI, and, or Symbiotic Publishing Company (SPC) will provide an additional discount, or future discount for any material referrals from any provider (Bird-dog) of such, for any prospective client, that materializes into full fruition. That discount will be for 8% of the prospective client's business with SNI, and, or SPC. based upon the period of the first 6 months of the prospective client's activity with SNI/SPC.

    To put it simply: Should you materially make a difference in helping any future client of ours to receive the full benefits of doing business with us, you will be well remunerated. Should you continue to send us business, you, the Bird-dog, may well find yourself using our superior services or products for next to nothing, plus, you will be partly responsible for making all your referred future clients of ours mighty happy.

    See how simple this all is. And yes, we are that good and we always stand by our word, and our work.

    Stan Deatherage,
     Accounts Manager   •   Publisher of BCN   •   President of Symbiotic Networks, Inc.
     SNI# (252) 946-1132   •   Cell# (252) 944-3905   •   Email:
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( February 22nd, 2015 @ 7:02 am )
Good plan, Stan ~~~ I see the growth from it / I hope to participate in the advertising benefits of being a contributor. . .

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