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    When I decided to downsize and move into a smaller house, I had to get rid of many years of pack rack collections. After looking at many different options, I decided to move into a Del Webb Community just north of Atlanta.

    For those not in the know, these communities are for 55 years old and up. One of the main factors in my decision was that the association dues covered all yard work, and all outside maintenance.

    If someone had told me I would live in this type of community 20 years ago, I would have laughed in their face. A previous post on BCN discussed the many activities here. Since I am somewhat of a loner and not a big socializer, the choice seems odd. Did I mention the dues cover the yard work?

    Well. One of the drawbacks to this type of living is the covenants. I do not know how many pages it is but it covers almost every eventually. I am somewhat of an individualist and have some trouble conforming.

   The first letter I got from the “Association Committee” (I call it the ass-com) told me that my blinds were light brown but only white or cream were acceptable. I changed them.

    I began to get neighbor’s mail because all the houses look the same. I thought I would help and put a name on my mailbox.

    Letter number two.

    Friends who came to visit had trouble finding my house. They all look alike. I solved that with another sign.

    Letter Three.

    My OCD requires me to keep track of the rainfall.

    Letter four.

  Fortunately, they do allow holiday decorations so I got into the spirit with some mailbox decorations. Unfortunately you have to take down the decorations within two weeks of the holiday.

    Letter five.

    This was beginning to get fun so I put this in my front window.

    Nope, not a letter. I did get a phone call though.

    The covenants allow more flexibility for the back yard as long as it can’t be seen from the street. My brother solved that problem with the one approved tree in my back yard.

    It's been Several years and no letter yet.

    There are no houses behind my house. Just woods.

    No one has asked about the concrete footprints. And I’m not telling.

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