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The much heralded Investigation of the Terrorist Attack resumes today, with Hillary B. Clinton testifying before the Benghazi Select Committee.

    Publishers' note: After listening this week to Elijah Cummings (the ranking Democrat on the Select Benghazi Committee - a true non patriot - this first week of January, 2016, in the capitol rotunda) discussing the cost of discovering the truth of the Benghazi Cover-up, I was reminded of this irrepressible fact, so I shall re-submit this truth to our BCN readers:

    Today, October, 22, 2015, the much heralded Investigation of the Terrorist Attack resumes today, with Hillary B. Clinton testifying before the Benghazi Select Committee. The Democrats on the Benghazi Select Committee, led by Ranking Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings representing Baltimore, Maryland, announced that it was their job to "Circle the Wagons" to protect their presumptive nominee to the presidency to continue Barack Obama's transformation of America, and, collectively, had no desire whatsoever to discover the truth of Benghazi.

    This concerted Democrat Approach to the 'Group Think' regarding the Benghazi Terrorist Attack of September 11, 2012, Benghazi time, began on September 12, 2012, Washington, DC time. This is the only truth of the matter, regardless of how this debacle has been spun by the elected Democrats, their feckless bureaucrats, and the Democrat Mainstream Media.

    In Hillary B.'s first interview before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in reply to a question by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, a combative Hillary B. Clinton scolded the Republican senator, "With all due respect, the fact is, we had four dead Americans! Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again." The video is here and below:

    Then, as well as is now, the Democrat 'Group Think' talking points heralded loud and clear, they did not, do not care what happened in Benghazi on September 11th, 2012, and now on October, 22, 2015. Partisan Representative Adam Smith, Washington, during his allotted time, elucidated that philosophical Democrat bent, when he asked no substantive questions of Hillary B. Clinton, and droned on and on about the 4.7 million dollars spent to discover what ever truth that could be found, with partisan Democrats like Adam Smith, Elijah Cummings of Baltimore running cover. The irony here is these are liberal Democrats, who waste money as proficiently as the most productive Americans in America make it, hence an over 17 trillion deficit that is mainly the domain of senate majority leader, Harry Reid, and Barack Hussein Obama. Obviously, Washington's Smith, while a fantastic partisan Democrat, is not too smart with the math construct, and is gleeful in the deficiency.

    But, God bless him, he did follow the Democrat 'Group Think' talking points, which included the ironic continued blather about how "'Four Brave Americans' died that night in Benghazi", as if the Benghazi Cover-up Scandal never occurred, where the terrorist attack was packed off as the result of a despicable video, and that the Obama Administration 'would pursue the perpetrators until justice was served'.

    The truth of the matter, which good Democrats ardently profess to have no desire to know or discover of the Benghazi terrorist attack, is that Hillary B., and all of Hussein Obama's administration, and, in particular, Attorney General Eric Holder with oversight of the FBI, did nearly nothing to discover who was responsible for the attack. In a real sense, the FBI took over 3 weeks to go to Libya to investigate the attack at the consulate compound.

    Why three weeks to investigate the Benghazi consulate?

    Because Commander-in-Chief Hussein Obama refused to send in America's military to secure the premises after the attack, and, rather, worked behind the scenes to have American film maker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who produced "Innocence of Muslims", the "despicable video", arrested and jailed for nearly two years. To date, over 3 years later, there has been no discovery of who perpetuated the terrorist attack against America that night, save one lower echelon participant - Ahmed Abu Khattala. For some unknown reason, this Benghazi terrorist attack assailant has not been tried after nearly 3 1/4 years after the attack.

    The next Democrat to have no desire to know the truth of the Benghazi debacle was Rep. Linda Sánchez, representing the Liberals /Latinos of the California's 38th District; no map, description of the district provided on her website. Ms. Sánchez asked no substantive questions, and even interrupted Hillary B. to lead her answers to a more proper 'Group Think' path. This was one of the most pathetic displays of partisanship that I have ever witnessed ... Rep. Linda Sánchez has no desire to know the truth of Benghazi. This is Ms. Sánchez's only truth here as she represents her constituents, and as a supposed American congresswoman, who should know her patriotic duty.

    As bad as these other apathetic Democrats may appear, at first blush, the worst partisan Democrat may be political ostrich Rep. Adam Schiff, 28th district of California. After he towed the Democrat 'Group Think' line, asking no substantive questions, he went on offense and attacked the committee chairman, Trey Gowdy, and his motives to discover the truth, which Represented Schiff, admitted that he and constituents back in California that he represents has not interest to gain knowledge of.

    At the core, of these, and other partisan non patriot Democrats, who believe the best way to govern is to carve up productive America for their Democrat constituents, is that this Select Benghazi is discovering truths that were hidden from patriotic Americans by: Liar-in-Chief Hussein Obama, his criminal Attorney General Eric Holder, congressional Democrats, their minion bureaucrats, and Hillary B. Clinton herself. The lot of them withheld documents, stonewalled on information, outright lied, when appropriate, and generally set the stage where they could forge a false narrative that their low information voters could adopt as truth, and understand as real. Former Democrat presidential candidate, Jim Webb, the lone patriot of that motley crew of candidate sees this, and left the field as a matter of principle.

    I temporarily close with this one fact: Without the Select Benghazi committee, America would have never discovered the hidden emails that Hillary B. tried to scrub from her server, and then repeatedly lied about. This premeditated cover-up is far worse than Richard Nixon's Watergate, and even though the Democrat Mainstream Media could care less, the truth is finally being ferreted out by a principled Trey Gowdy and the majority of his committee.

    Furthermore, I fully understand that ardent Democrats approve of non patriotic, lying politicians to represent them, but that is not the way my America rolls, and I, and others like me, will always stand for truth. Think about it, eventually the lying catches up with the Democrats, and if it does not, it will our nation. The unprincipled performance by the non patriotic Democrats occupying the public's space of that Committee.

    For Americans that are proud of their lying Hillary, and their insipid congressional representatives, I proffer this: You are on a sinking ship of dishonesty, and the patriots that continue to make this nation great, and, if not great, at least safe, know who you are. How can you live with yourselves?

    Publisher's note: Written in real time and to be continued as written, as was the nature of this report on Hillary B. Clinton's first report of her defense of her massive e-mail scandal, which may prove to become a criminal investigation by the FBI at some point.

In wake of Hillary B. Clinton's email /wiped server scandal and resultant criminal investigation by the FBI: Do you trust her veracity?
3.13%   Yes, Hillary has the right to dispose of the origination of the public record.
92.19%   No, I don't trust her ever changing stories on all things (lies) Hillary.
4.69%   It does not matter that she is dishonest, she is a Clinton.
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If you could vote today for one of the Republican front runners for the GOP primary nomination: Who would it be?
11.57%   Donald Trump
25.75%   Ben Carson
13.81%   Carly Fiorina
4.1%   Jeb Bush
32.09%   Ted Cruz
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( October 22nd, 2015 @ 8:18 pm )
Eliza Cummings just admitted he was a lawyer. Either he has zero principals as a human being, or is incredibly stupid as a congressman.

Do any of those qualities qualify him to be a lawyer? Possibly.
( October 22nd, 2015 @ 7:09 pm )
This post is put to bed, and I will do more, but, I wanted to mention that I noticed that the few questions asked by the Democrats, who are proved to have no desire to know the truth, are working from a script that both they and Hillary B. have had in advance. Watch as Hillary B. reads her answers when she answers the lobbed softballs by the Democrats.

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