The Mass Hysteria of TDS: Democrats Finally Care About Russia: Second | Eastern North Carolina Now | It was a daring political move for the Democrat party, and the Democrat Media, but, it just might work. Link to Russia, and Vladimir Putin at every possible point.

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    Publisher's note: This ongoing series was begun to cast a proper light on the ongoing Democrat motive to ultimately delegitimize President Trump, while America seeks to regain its national purpose after nearly a decade cast adrift. Also, we make a brave attempt to examine and understand the chronic effects of the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS); however, we make no assertion that we could ever fully know it at its core. Who could ... in a "legitimate" sense, regardless, we endeavor understand its deranged motivations. Click here to follow the entire series.

Committed Democrats are in uncharted territory; influenced by the mass hysteria of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome); but what shall they do?

    It was a daring political move for the Democrat party, and the Democrat Media, but, it just might work. Link to Russia, and Vladimir Putin at every possible point. It was a failed exercise in defeating the mercurial Trump, as L. Hillary Clinton was soundly defeated in the 2016 Electoral College, but the groundwork had been laid to delegitimize the new president, which well suited their partisan needs; the time honored 100 day presidential honeymoon be damned.

    Maybe, it began during the Republican primary with the inarticulate musings of Candidate Trump's muddled discussions that he professed that he could possibly work with Vladimir Putin's Russia upon the complicated stage of foreign policy, to eradicate common foe ISIS, as well as all Islamic Terrorism. After Candidate Trump won the Republican Primary, the Democrats, with their Democrat media in tow, made silly political hay when Candidate Trump joked by imploring that: 'the Russians should find L. Hillary's missing 30,000 emails', which she had illegally destroyed. It was a joke aimed at the press, mostly the Democrat Media, who had little desire to investigate the Candidate L. Hillary Clinton /Clinton Foundation's collusion for the corrupt administration of its purpose and the destroyed 'paper trail' contained within L. Hillary's illegal servers, soon to be all destroyed. The Trumpian joke that most principled Americans well understood was what Trump meant: Maybe, we should depend on Russian hackers to discover the truth, since the Democrat Media could not be counted on to perform their avocation, other than to tacitly advocate for their preferred Democrat champion.

    Accordingly, when Trump came from behind to trounce L. Hillary in the Electoral College, the Democrat Media was visibly shaken, some even wept on camera. The Democrat faithful fared no better, expressing bitterness, contempt, hatred for their nation's new path, so what should they do?

    The Democrats' concocted plan is to Resist, Obstruct, Obfusticate, Conflate to the point of Lying, and in the spirit of grand Hypocrisy, Delegitimize the Trump Administration as well as his family. It is scorched earth policy that knows no bounds, no party that is not committedly "Democratic" survives their unbridled wrath. And while the modern Democrat party has proven to have the core principles of a sloth when dealing with Republicans, President Donald J. Trump has brought out a truly ugly side of Democrat Party; one that they may never recover from.

    But for Democrats, there truly is an upside: After a lifetime of decades of complete ambivalence on the Soviet Union now Russia issue, Democrats, however short-lived, finally care about Russia. The supreme irony here is that their concern is about Russian hacking, an issue, heretofore, the Democrats had no issue with; not until it became nearly certain that they were behind the hacking of Democrat operatives' emails, which were publicly revealed by WikiLeaks. This Democrats are still howling, in unison, that Russia cost L. Hillary the election due to this unveiled political dirty laundry, and that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to make it so. After 6 months or more of investigations, with no real proof before or after the near landslide election in the Electoral College, there is no real evidence of his collusion, yet the Democrats, and many within the Democrat Media treat the Trump /Russia Collusion allegations as if they are know fact.

    It is upon this muddled stage of congressional and FBI Investigation that another, more substantial scandal is being unveiled: The Obama Administration's surveillance of Trump and his political team by the NSA, and to a lesser extent, other Federal agencies; the collection of data; the unmasking of names within that data collected; the unprecedented widespread sharing, by Obama executive order, of that data within the Federal government, and the subsequent leaking by yet unknown participants of this extra-classified information to the Democrat Media. Many felonies have been committed here on behalf of this Democrat cause to discredit Trump, yet nothing new of any real substance has been revealed to link the president to any Russian collusion; much to the anxious chagrin of the Democrat extra-partisans, irrespective of their collective wish otherwise.

    There is, however, the Democrat unsightly, unwanted by-product of the Russian /Trump Collusion investigation, especially in the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence - Americans are being surveilled, and collected information is being used against them, but not for their breaking of the law; but to assess guilt by association against their political enemies.

    Guilt by association, even by multiple degrees of separation, is a hallmark of how Democrats mark their principled opponents, since Democrats aren't principled driven to the point of claiming the right ground on most issues, which precludes them from winning the overall debate against average to good debaters. Just as Russian hacking may have taken a long look the Democrat operatives to employ to influence public opinion, the government of our States United does reserve the right to surveil American citizens for any purpose other than national security, and even then their names cannot be unmasked and then widely disseminated as is being proved that the Obama Administration did in its final weeks.

    Stay connected for updates.

Is the concerted Democrat plan to obfusticate the purpose of government by the unprecedented delaying of President Trump's appointments, while galvanizing with the organized protesters' directive to obstruct the process of governing, at the federal level, working for the Democrat brand?
  Yes, Democrats will finally create a Socialist Progressive utopia if they remain banded together.
  No, the nation is in dire straits, on so many levels, and needs immediate repair.
  I'm busy with my important life, such as it is, and don't care.
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