Porch Chairs and Hurricanes Trilogy - Part 3 | Eastern North Carolina Now | If I had been there in 1965, I might have looked at my cousin Alex and said, “All those people on our Grandpa’s steps are complete strangers with very familiar faces”. My cousin might have said to me, “Alex (we were both named “Alex”), “Those are your Grandpa’s Neighbors. Don’t you recognize them?”

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I Was So Shocked I Almost Ran Off The Road...Part 2

Written May 19, 2011
Updated May 28, 2017

    I am so happy that I now have conclusive proof that at least one person is reading my Foolishness, even if it is a relative.

    In response to my blog "I Was So Shocked I Almost Ran Off The Road", my cousin sent me this info. I think the People Picture it paints is priceless and is proof that my original posting was right on the money.

    I was out of the United States (Vietnam) when this happened and this is the first time I have been told my cousin's story...
    • My grandfather's house in uptown New Orleans had very wide front steps that could accommodate a lot of neighbors.
    • Most nights In the 1940s the steps would be full of neighbors.
    • If one of these neighbors would have started talking about what was on TV that night, the rest would have really been puzzled about what a TV was.
    • On September 9, 1965 Hurricane Betsy hit New Orleans.
    • This is the hurricane that made the people in the New Orleans area fear future hurricanes.
    • Much of uptown New Orleans was without electricity for about three weeks.
    • During that No Electricity, No Air Conditioning and No TV period the neighbors returned to my grandfather's front steps.
    • For a very short period in 1965 it was the 1940's all over again.

    I wish I would have been there but probably would not have appreciated what I was experiencing at the time. It very likely would have taken the hindsight of today to understand how nice those three weeks were.

    To finish this one on a sad note, when the electricity came back on, the neighbors went back inside and have not been seen since.

    Would I kid u?
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( May 30th, 2017 @ 10:01 am )
Some of life's best lessons were learned on the porch or steps of parents and grandparents. That may be what is missing from our collective neighborhoods now. Thanks for a great memory throwback to those times.

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