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Trump is not the First President to have a running battle with the Press

    Harry Truman had his issues, particularly when it came to his daughter and their hounding of his politics.

"I don't give them Hell, I just tell the truth about them and they think it's Hell." - Harry Truman
    The quote comes from an incident that took place during the 1948 Presidential election campaign. Whilst in Harrisburg, Illinois, Truman delivered a speech attacking the Republicans. During the speech a supporter yelled out "Give 'em Hell, Harry. Truman replied, "I don't give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it's Hell." Subsequently, "Give 'em Hell, Harry!" became a lifetime slogan for Truman supporters.

    While the tenor of the times has changed, the actual contentious relationship has not changed. We have come a long way from Truman's era and the 7 Words you can't say as told by George Carlin.

    Perhaps we are all the worse for it, but it is what it is and we now have a President who fights back. Unlike Reagan, Bush 1 and 2 or any number of the Republican congressional wimps, we have a counter puncher who defies the conventional wisdom that you can actually get along with a press that is committed to destroying your presidency. President Trump can be crude, boorish and I don't particularly care for his style, but I have never tried to make friends with a hungry Black Bear either. They say the best way to deal with a marauding Black Bear is to lie down and play dead. "It will be good practice for a few minutes later when you die!"

    Politicians are conditioned not to rock the boat if their voting constituency is broad and varied. Nevertheless, both sides who are elected from a "SAFE" district have no fear of alienating their base. That is how we get people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren from the left and Newt Gingrich, Ted Cruz, Ron and Rand Paul:, Scott Walker on the right. All others must toe the line between principle and being elected.

    But in between we have a vast array of Casper Milquetoast officials whose eye is on the next election. It makes no different what party you are from, if your district or state has a diverse population of both left and right, you will be like the deer in the middle of the road, trying to decide which way to run in the glare of the oncoming lights. You see unprincipled politicians have a survival instinct that is highly developed beyond most humans. Case in point is the number of long term members of our House and Senate.

    We have been blessed by several presidents on both sides of the yellow line and I won't elaborate on them but you can usually tell those who live by principled beliefs. They often are predictable in their position on the issues and often come and go as the demographics change. The pendulum of politics swings back and forth. I worked with a good old Country boy from Newton County Georgia and he was a dedicated Pentecostal Deacon and entrepreneur used car salesman on the side (yes the two can co-exist at the same time). As you may have heard Pentecostal can be somewhat rigid in their beliefs. We had many discussions (arguments / disagreements) about all manner of subjects. He was a product of the South who could never reconcile his racial bias with Scripture,but he always had a saying that I stole and have used for the last fifty years.

"You can run into the ditch on either side of the Road!"

    He was not particularly amused when we disagreed to the point that further discussion was not productive and I turned his phrase back on him.

    Long ago, I was warned not to take Politicians, Sports Figures, or Celebrities as role models. I can't remember who told me that but it became apparent somewhere around my late teens that the best role models are the ones we see every day quietly doing what has to be done with principle and integrity. The others are just a show or illusion of what they want us to see.

    Today we are all upset with the current President who lashes back five-fold at his critics. Some say he is thin skinned, which may be true. Many say he is not acting presidential, which I always get a chuckle out of because of JFK and WJC and even FDR escapades in the Non-Presidential Ditch so to speak. We elect people to office, not Saviors so it should come as no surprise that we often get people with human weaknesses. If you have a favorite politician who seems pristine and pure, you can almost bet that their past or present has been cleansed and sanitized for the public. That too will fade away in the glare of history. I don't particularly subscribe to President Trump's methods and tweets but it is what it is and I don't seen any moderation from him on the horizon. In the battle with the media he came loaded for bear as did they. See Truman quote above.

    I did some research for current history (when you are in your seventies, current is anything since 1945) of the President vs the Media. I found a book, which covers it in some detail.

Franklin D. Mitchell traces the major contours of journalism during the lifetime and presidency of Truman. Although newspapers and newsmagazines are given the most emphasis, reporters and columnists of the Washington news corps also figure prominently for their role in the president's news conferences and their continuing coverage of Truman and his family. Broadcast journalism's expanding coverage of the president is also explored through chapters dealing with radio and television.

    For those who do not read history books, there is an excellent documentary about Harry Truman in general. Like all documentaries, it most likely takes some liberty with the truth for dramatic effect.

    History will judge whether this is the worst arguments between the media and a President. Roger Ebert probably said it best in his review of Harry Truman was immortalized by James Whitmore in the Stage Play Give 'em Hell, Harry!
    There's a rule of thumb in literary circles that about 15 years must pass after the death of a major writer before his revival gets under way. First there are the eulogies, then the period of neglect, and finally the new paperback editions and the reevaluations by campus gurus. If a similar process applied to politics, then Harry Truman might have been revived in 1967 not 15 years after his death, but 15 years after he left the White House. and just in time to head Richard Nixon off at the pass.
    The entire show is too long for the faint hearted but an excerpt may help explain the contentious relationship between politicians and the media.However this excerpt show how Harry dealt with the press when they attacked his daughter's music abilities.

Harry Truman to Music Critic Paul Hume "Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you'll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!"

Give EM Hell Harry Video

In regards to the Russia Election Tampering matter: Is President Trump being treated fairly by core Democrats and the Mainstream Media?
  Yes, the new president is guilty until proven innocent.
  No, President Trump's treatment is dictated by the usual Democrat double standard.
  Don't care; there are more important issues facing America.
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( August 8th, 2017 @ 10:43 am )
On this Day in History Nixon Resigns

Sorry Charlie Schumer, your wish is not fulfilled.
SSgtsouth said:
( August 8th, 2017 @ 7:21 am )
Stan, no doubt that he may be the right man at the right time. His actions are much more important than some of his outburst. Even a child or adolescent who is an outstanding student, athlete or does some heroic deed still needs responsible guidance. Our president just needs to act up to his potential. I wish him great success in his quest to restore America.
( August 7th, 2017 @ 8:38 am )
Great points. The problem with both Nixon and Trump is that they are not likable people. Both have or had a flawed EGO and were overly concerned with their image. Ronald Reagan on the other hand had no problem with his Self-Esteem and happily let the "Doddering Old Senile Man" persona play out in the media while he focused on his goals of changing America back to his vision.

Nixon, Trump and perhaps McCain have or had unresolved anger issues that cloud their judgement and cause them to focus on their own Rowboat instead of the Ship of State. I often wonder how many of the over 50 voters (younger ones will not even remember Reagan) really voted for Trump out of a sense of Nostalgia for Reagan promises and overlooked the bombast of Trump.

I have no real interest on Trump's legacy but I do have a strong interest in the direction of out country. For now Trump is the Captain of the ship and he has assembled a competent crew to assist him in the voyage. Let's hope he steers clear of the icebergs. (I know, too many metaphors for one comment)

"How does Donald (Trump) compare to Ronald (Reagan)? - BBC Newsnight" Here is a Fifteen Minute review of the two men.
( August 6th, 2017 @ 1:06 pm )
I don't dispute your assessment, and I pray that John Kelly will keep the President on track, but: Can you imagine if you never been a politician before, and the next thing you know after November 8th is that you are president, and then the Democrat Media lights into you nonstop with Fake News mixed with real negative issues that Obama would have never faced?

No Democrat president has ever faced this level of unprincipled abuse, and no Republican either, except, maybe, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.
( August 6th, 2017 @ 10:23 am )
Dictated on the iPhone so may not have complete clarity of though.

I don't disagree with your assessment at all, but I am finding more antidotal evidence amount my circle (mostly conservative) of a shift in the good will away from this Drum Major. If the band loses track of the musical score, both he and the country maybe toast.
I estimate that his solid base is at best 40% The opposition's solid base is about 40%. That leaves 20% that are somewhat ambivalent or at least within persuasive territory.
That 20% broke down roughly half and half which left neither side with a clear majority mandate.
If the deal maker spent more time persuading that 20% he may gather more than a 52/48 vote in the senate.
If Trump can get past his own EGO and stop denigrating the "RINO"s who at least lean his way, he might gain a few supporters who will sway their Democrat senators. Who the hell cares what the media thinks anymore? Their position is cast along clear ideological lines.

People vote on emotions as much if not more than reason. Senators vote with an eye on the wind sock.

I think LBJ gave the best summation.
( August 6th, 2017 @ 9:21 am )
Sarge, as dysfunctional as Trump may seem, he may very well be the right man, in the right job, at the right time.

There is change occurring irrespective of the obstructionist Democrats.
SSgtsouth said:
( August 5th, 2017 @ 7:30 am )
Yes, Trump is going toe to toe with media, and anyone else who disagrees with him. Unlike a lot (specifics unknown) of people, I don't think he wishes to crush the main stream media, they are doing that on their own. I agree with more of his policies than I agree with his twit tweets. Golly gee, wouldn't it be nice to have an adult back in the White House. (no vote here, it could be rigged)

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