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There are two developments that will develop soon regarding the DOJ mishandling too much for too long, which has made them a corrupt institution since they are not only supposed to follow The Rule of Law, but enforce its equal application

Looking Forward to Real Events Yet to Come

    There are two developments that will develop soon regarding the DOJ mishandling too much for too long, which has incentivized them into becoming a corrupt institution since they are not only supposed to follow The Rule of Law, but enforce its equal application:

    1) Donald J. Trump will not sit down for an interview /inquisition by Robert Mueller if a real law is not charged against him, his campaign or his administration. Mueller is a prosecutor looking for a crime, and the President must protect the presidency against such nefarious behavior. No wise counsel would allow Mr. Trump to do this no matter how much this President wishes to set this sorry matter to right.

    2) Rod Rosenstein should start providing the United States Congress whatever documents they wish, in a timely manner, or be Impeached by congress. AG Sessions should not fire Rosentein now, but should counsel him on doing his job, and if he does not, will not, and continues this Obstruction of Justice in regards to congress, while under the threat of Impeachment; Sessions would be well within his rights to fire Rod Rosenstein for cause. This is Jeff Sessions's Justice Department, and, ultimately, he will face the full blame for its continued corruption; over 9 years now a corrupt institution; about one year under AG Sessions. The Attorney General must act now, and the President should incentivize his will to act and properly if need be.

Since Robert Mueller has stepped far from investigating "collusion with Russia", or even Russia's interference in our elections: Is it time to finally pull the plug on Mueller and his investigative team of Hillary Democrats?
  No, the people have the right to take down all Republicans.
  Yes, taking down the President's long time counsel is a "bridge too far".
  WWJK? (What would Jimmy Kimmel do?)
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