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From Civilian Life to The Citadel

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    WASHINGTON, N.C.     Some students go to college with a clear plan. At age five, Daniel Clingenpeel knew he wanted to serve in the military. The Beaufort County Early College High School student is heading to The Citadel this fall, following in the footsteps of other BCECHS graduates. When Clingenpeel graduates in May with his Associate of Arts and Associate of Science, he will transfer to the military college to complete a bachelor's degree.

Daniel Clingenpeel: Above.     Click image to enlarge.

    Clingenpeel comes from a military family, with generations serving in the armed forces or in law enforcement. His father serves as chief of police for Belhaven.

    "It's in my blood, I guess," says Clingenpeel.

    He has already been accepted into The Citadel. His acceptance was not a given, as Clingenpeel has lived with diabetes since he was 14. His medical condition barred him from attending the Naval Academy, but he is confident advances in medical technology will prevent his diabetes from hindering his enrollment at The Citadel.

    "All of my doctors have signed off on it," he says. No diabetics have made it through the first year at The Citadel, so Clingenpeel's graduation would be pioneering.

    "I've wanted to go there for most of my life," says Clingenpeel. He has kept in touch with a BCECHS graduate who is now attending The Citadel, and that has only solidified his commitment to attend.

    "When we lived in Wilmington, we were a host family, where we'd keep-they're called knobs in their first year," he recollects. "They'd come to our house during a break. I remember them explaining things about the Citadel, and it stuck with me. I wanted to be in that environment."

    He was five at the time. His grandmother, who he often stayed with at the time, would dress him in marine corps dress blues for school.

    Clingenpeel thinks the early college has helped him transition to college life. "I'm glad I'm getting these two degrees for free," he says boldly.

    Now, a new transfer arrangement between Beaufort County Community College and the Citadel Graduate College will make it easier for future business students to transfer. The Citadel offers a "two plus two" agreement with BCCC, meaning students with an AAS in Business Administration can transfer to The Citadel without losing credits. The Citadel's Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business's Business Administration Degree Completion program offers a challenging selection of courses intended to give students a well-rounded background in all aspects of business. The program helps students develop critical-thinking and leadership skills that are applicable in today's job market, according to the Citadel.

    Students must have earned a minimum of 24 college level transferable credit hours. Junior and senior level business courses are taught in the evening on The Citadel's campus and online. Students can choose to be part-time or full-time and can complete all of the coursework online.

    In Clingenpeel's case, he plans to move to Charleston to attend classes in person. As he has followed in his family's footsteps, his discipline and dedication will help the next student to follow him to The Citadel.

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