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Landing on the moon was complicated and extremely dangerous and the complicated and extremely dangerous mission was performed by very brave men using woefully weak computers when compared to today's computers. Appolo, Moon Landing, Lance Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, Commodore 64 Home Computer
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An Old Posting Recalled

    Because I am old I am permitted to repost an old blog under the International Rules of Blogging (Chapter 18, Page 15, Subsection 3b).


    I posted a blog about the computing power of Apollo Spacecrafts... Click Here: . 

This reminded me of this posting from July 7, 2006... Click Here: . 

    Please take the time to read them. They is not long. I always enjoy rereading them. Actually I enjoy rereading almost anything I have written. I’m sure you agree...Or do u?


    Here I go on a different (but related) tangent... 

    One of my Dear Readers made a comment to the Computing Power blog posting in which he included a link to the different (but related) tangent. I found that it an interesting read. 

    After you have read it, if you did not find it interesting, go to the top of the article and not read what you just read and you will save yourself the time of reading what you read and did not enjoy...O will u? 

Click Here: 

    Would I kid u?



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