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If the Democrats could have gotten it wrong, they did in Iowa on Monday night. daily wire, ben shapiro, democratic debacle, iowa, what we know, february 4, 2020
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Democratic Debacle in Iowa, What We Know so Far

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    This is not an article we thought we'd still be writing.

    But as of early Tuesday morning there is still no declared winner or vote totals coming out of the Iowa Democratic caucuses. If the Democrats thought they'd easily slide from this to trashing the president at the State of the Union address they forgot to add in the always apparent factor of their own breathtaking incompetence.

    Here's what we know right now:

  • Main news? No vote totals. No winners and no losers.
  • The massive delay is being blamed on a new app and a complete breakdown in data systems.

    But they had years to prepare for this. They had months to practice it and game it out. They had weeks to take out the final bugs. And still no votes as of Tuesday morning.

    As the GOP is saying, and these are the people you want handling healthcare?
  • Because itís an information vacuum itís a godsend to every candidate except the one who actually won. Everyone can claim victory of some sort by massaging the statistics and if a candidate really did badly they can blame it on the screwed up process.

    The winner, whoever that is, gets no momentum and no bounce on their way to New Hampshire. Wow.

    This has never happened before in American history. But then weíve never had this type of Democrat, the dumb socialist or 2020 era sclerotic establishment type, in charge of the Iowa caucuses before.
  • When all went haywire Buttigieg seemed to be doing well. Early in the evening there were reports of a strong turnout and that would have benefited Sanders. But those reports proved inaccurate and turnout looks to be below 2016 levels.
  • Biden seemed to be having a bad night, as his support was virtually nonexistent in college town caucuses. Much of the Buttigieg support seems to be coming from Biden supporters who are voting for Buttigieg in the second round of voting after Biden was disqualified because he didnít make 15% in the first round.
  • Vote totals are expected sometime Tuesday but they are close to meaningless at this point. Some candidates may drop from the field soon. However, this dogís breakfast of a caucus may give them a temporary lease on life, as it seems nobody won and nobody lost.


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