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Biden Takes Major Hit in Iowa

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    It wasn't too long ago that some seasoned political analysts, including this one, thought Joe Biden had a good shot to win the Iowa Democratic caucuses.

    Boy, were we wrong.

    He not only lost but got relegated to fourth place behind Buttigieg, Sanders, and Warren.

    This is a man who has been in the Senate since 1972, who has run for president before, and who was number two in the regime of a president wildly popular with Democrats. He was soundly beaten and made to look foolish by a kid mayor, a newish senator, and a virtual communist.

    Why? Several reasons.

  • No oomph- His people in Iowa showed a remarkable lack of passion. The television shots showed them standing idly by while others were fighting for every single vote and delegate.
  • No youth appeal- In the college towns, and they are big Democratic centers in Iowa, he was almost shut out. The guy is verging on 80. The Democrats seems to love young anti-semites and socialists these days. Ergo...(anti-semitic socialists? Gee, what historically recent political movement combined those two traits?) an old labor-loving moderate is just not what they are looking for.
  • Where is Obama? - A lot of Biden's problems would go away if his former boss endorsed him. But that's not going to happen because the Obamas are keeping their powder dry for a future Michelle run and don't want to get into any fights that would tick off other Democrats before they pull the trigger.
  • The guy is just weird- It's the gaffes, the fabrications, the nuzzling, the obvious combover/hair work, and the odd intolerance for any other point of view in the Democratic Party.Combine this with an expectation he'd be butchered by Trump in the fall debates and it doesn't make him attractive to Democrats.
  • They are looking for someone viable against a popular president who is riding a wave of exoneration and triumph. No one sees Biden as strong enough to fit that bill.
  • Finally, he's yesterday's news- Joe Biden harkens back to a relatively gentler time, if you could call the Clarence Thomas hearings gentle, when you fought like hell then went out for cocktails afterwards.His heyday was twenty years ago and earlier and modern socialist PC Democrats have little to nothing in common with him. That showed in Iowa. If it also does next Tuesday in New Hampshire he is in big trouble.


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