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Ultimately, he knew he had no shot against the president. lifezette, pete buttigieg, drop out, presidential race, march 2, 2020
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Buttigieg Makes Smart Move in Leaving Race Against Trump

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by Polizette Staff.

    Though many were surprised, and some disappointed, over former Mayor Pete Buttigieg's sudden announcement Sunday night he was leaving the Democratic race for the presidential nomination, his decision was a smart play on his part.

    He basically got out while the going was good.

    He achieved several intelligent goals by his move, the two major ones being that he will not lose badly on Super Tuesday and he now has only a slim chance to head a ticket that will lose to President Donald Trump in November.

    He also now can raise money to retire any campaign debt he may have garnered. Pete will be courted for his endorsement, especially by Biden. He makes himself more attractive as veep because he gets out before the knives get worse between Biden and Sanders and he still has a chance at the nomination at a brokered convention.

    In fact, there are some in DC this Monday morning who think this was his plan all along. Do respectably in the initial contests, which he did, and get out before you take a big loss.

    Buttigieg was looking at that loss tomorrow on Super Tuesday. If this is true, then the plan was masterfully pulled off. From unknown Midwest small town mayor to national player in several months.? Not bad at all.

    This strategic withdrawal sets him up for 2024 or down the road, as his age, 37, makes him a potential player for higher office for the next 30 years if not longer.

    But in the end, he could read numbers. Buttigieg can see there is not a very solid chance the Democrats will win the presidency in November with either Biden or Sanders. He did not want to get stained with that loss. Better to be a good party player, campaign for whoever wins the nod in Milwaukee, and then subtly mention on election night that he would have done a lot better.


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