NC Evacuation Zones — "Know Your Zone" | Eastern North Carolina Now | Several years ago, North Carolina Emergency Management began work to develop evacuation zones for 20 coastal North Carolina counties.

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    Several years ago, North Carolina Emergency Management began work to develop evacuation zones for 20 coastal North Carolina counties. This concept is similar to what has been utilized in other states along the eastern US, and is designed to provide a tiered evacuation system that highlights areas most vulnerable to impacts from hurricanes, tropical storms and other hazards. Beaufort County will have 4 zones (A- D), that closely mirror our existing FEMA flood hazard zones. Areas in "Zone A" would be considered our most vulnerable locations and susceptible to flooding, or being isolated as a result of flood waters. "Zone D" would be the least vulnerable areas of our county. In an emergency, local officials will order evacuations using these pre-determined zones to keep your family safe. These established zones are intended to streamline the evacuation process by supporting personal readiness as you prepare for hazardous weather events. In addition to helping you avoid unnecessary evacuation travel, zones can also ease overcrowding at local storm shelters and increase public safety

    North Carolina Emergency Management has developed an educational campaign titled "Know Your Zone" to help familiarize the public with this new evacuation concept. Maps of these new zones, as well as other hurricane preparedness resources can be found at This interactive website will allow you to identify the evacuation zone our your home, place of work, or any area in Eastern NC that you may be visiting by simply entering the street address. We encourage everyone to learn your zone's letter & color so you know when to go if local officials order evacuations. Knowing your zone and when to evacuate can ultimately save your family's life.

    You can share the Know Your Zone logo by accessing the digital toolkit in here:



    Hurricane Preparedness: Be Ready Before the Storm —

    Feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have, or if we can be of any assistance with your hurricane preparation efforts.

  • Chris Newkirk
  • Deputy Director
  • Beaufort County Emergency Services
  • 1420 Highland Dr
  • Washington, N.C. 27889
  • Office: (252) 940-6511
  • Cell: (252) 378-5352

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