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A Murder in Seattle’s ‘Mostly Peaceful’ CHAZ/CHOP Insurrection Sector

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by Steve Pomper.

    The news of a homicide within Seattle's CHAZ/CHOP insurrection sector is coming out at a proverbial fast and furious pace. Several media outlets, including KING 5 News, are reporting shots fired early this morning in Cal Anderson Park, near 10th Ave. and E. Pine St., which is about a block northwest of the captured/surrendered Seattle Police Department (SPD) East Precinct.

    Since this is a developing story, I'm just going to lay out the essence of what I've heard and read so far. We can sort out the details as they emerge. So far, reports suggest a suspect shot two people, leaving one dead and the other critical.

    When police arrived, the CHOP mob would not allow officers in to investigate. Reports indicate Chopistanian "security" transported the deceased and injured persons to Harborview Medical Center. Once there, the CHOP insurgents' armed "security" allegedly took over the ER.

    This means police could establish no crime scene, homicide detectives were unable to investigate and question witnesses, and crime scene investigators could not collect evidence. Though this comes under the heading of gallows humor, when my son first brought this to my attention this morning, he texted, "2 people were shot in CHAZ last night, 1 dead. I hear it was a mostly peaceful shooting."

    Is this funny? No, of course not. It's ludicrous, but sometimes grim humor is a way for sane people to cope with insanity. This is absurd. Last night on a police Facebook page, talking about the CHAZ, I made the mistake of asking, "What could possibly happen next?" Well, this is what I get. If anyone thinks this is the last of the violence, you are deluded.

    And if this doesn't move the feckless Governor Jay Inslee to act, what will? Likely nothing. I expect nothing from Seattle's shameful Mayor Jenny Durkan-well, except for more blood on the city's hands. And sadly, a police chief I used to respect and admire has chosen sides, and she chose poorly.

    President Donald Trump, Seattle needs your help. This should not have happened in America, and this cannot continue in any American city. Every cop in the United States saw this coming, and Washington State's and Seattle's leaders failed us. And I'll tell you right now, every cop in America knows more of this is coming. Allow those exceptional men and women of the SPD to stop it before it is too late. Stand by... This ain't over.


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