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Armed Robbery in a Quiet Neighborhood

    Now it is spilling over into small towns and what was considered completely safe neighborhoods.

    Recent headline in our local paper, "Washington Police Investigating armed Robbery, Assault." Where? In the quiet and, what was a safe, historic section of the little town of Washington NC. Why? Because we are being too quiet on the Conservative Front. How? We cannot profile people who are wearing a hood, even though many crimes are committed with people wearing a hood. We have allowed the Left to move in and make it difficult for police to do their job. We do not dare get called Racist or Ethnic Profiling. Who ever heard of "Stop and Frisk" in a little town like this?

    Yes, if you are old, you are a target. But in your own yard in broad daylight watering your lawn in Washington North Carolina!

    In one part of my career I did marketing for a company in Chicago. This required me to call on factories in major cities throughout the Midwest. It is the way it is. Slums are quite often near factories because it is a less desirable place to build a nice home. I soon learned from my colleagues that you always carry a good amount of cash. The reason, if someone comes up like these two hoods who attacked the man in Washington, and you don't have a fair amount of cash, they would assault you for not having money. This may have been the case here. The person did not have a wallet or cash on him, so they got mad and assaulted him.

    I am afraid this is the tip of the iceberg. This breakdown of our society is Local, State and National. But we have a difficult time finding a choice when we go to vote. Where are the real Patriots?

    Here we go again. This is the ailment. What is the cure?


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