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The Beaufort Observer's Picks for the November 3 Election

    As has been our tradition, the Beaufort Observer is sharing our picks for voters in Beaufort County in the November 3 General Election.

    Click below to download a Sample Ballot that reflects those picks:

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    What follows is our rationale for the choices:

    President — We don't think there is a real choice here. Donald Trump is far superior to Joe Biden and the consequences he would produce...namely moving the United States into a socialistic county with ever increasing bigger government and less individual liberty and freedoms. But if one does not think that sufficient reason to vote for Trump/Pence we offer a singular sufficient justification: Kamala Harris. She is, as per her record, regardless of what she says, an extreme radical who has no allegiance to the Constitution . Her background is totally insufficient to become President and Commander-In-Chief and while we would earnestly hope Biden would complete his term if elected we have serious reservations about that, particularly with respect to his mental acuities. The clear choice his is Trump/Pence.

    US Senate — We cannot vote for Thom Tillis simply because he has failed to accomplish an effective conservative voting record in his six years in the Senate. He is wrong on immigration, and in bed with the special interests in Washington. We think he has put those interests above those of the People of North Carolina. Voting is only one measure of the effectiveness of a Senator. Accomplishing something is another and Tillis is weak in that arena. According to he ranked in the 30th percentile among Senate Republicans is obtaining cosponsors to his bills and had only 4 bills that were cosponsored by a committee chair or ranking member. He introduced only 2 bills that made it into law. Consequently, ranked Tillis in the 29th percentile among all Senators in their Leadership Score.

    The only reason we see to vote for Tillis is if his challenger Cal Cunningham were to be elected he would likely vote against President Trump's judicial nominees. But Tillis's vote there may not be needed. Trump/McConnell have the best record in modern history of getting judicial nominees approved. Moreover, if our choice, Kevin Hayes, the Constitutional Party nominee, is elected he would be a de facto Republican. Hayes has told us that he would caucus with the Republicans and therefore preserve the balance in the Senate even without Tillis. A vote for Hayes would send a message to Establishment Republicans that conservatives' vote cannot be taken for granted as "the lesser of two evils." If you are a conservative, we think you should vote for Hayes.

    US House 3rd District — This one is simple. Our choice is a promising freshman Representative compared to a "place holder" from the Democrats. Vote for Greg Murphy.

    US House 1st District — This choice is also simple for us. Sandy Smith is a strong conservative who supports President Trump down the line. She says she would vote to dump Nancy Pelosi. Reason enough for us. G. K. Butterfield has one of the most liberal voting records in the House and toes the party line against President Trump every chance he gets. It is time to retire Mr. Butterfield.

    NC Governor — The choice here is easy for us. Dan Forest needs to be elected to put a stop to Roy Cooper's power trip and put North Carolina back to work and open our schools. Cooper, in our opinion, has been the worst governor in modern North Carolina history and should be set home.

    NC Lt. Governor — Mark Robinson is the clear choice here. If you have met him or heard him speak you know why we say that. He is a solid conservative and down-to-earth no nonsense kind of guy. He has strong traditional American values and is right on target.

    NC Council of State — For Attorney General, Auditor, Commissioners of Agriculture, Insurance, Labor, Secretary of State, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Treasurer we will be voting for the Republican in each position.

    NC Legislature (Beaufort County) — These are easy choices. Thomas Hester and Keith Kidwell are our choices. Hester will have a tough job to win because of racially polarized voting in the Senate District, but Kidwell has done a superb job in his first term and we see him winning by a landslide in Beaufort County.

    Judicial — For the judicial positions we favor voting straight down the ballot for each Republican. We make no recommendations in uncontested races.

    County Commissioners — We think Hood Richardson should be re-elected again. He is a much needed watchdog and whistleblower whom you can count on to take the conservative position of every issue. Some people criticize Hood but if you listen carefully you see that the criticism is about personality and not policy issues. That's no way to decide, on Hood or Donald Trump. If you are so inclined to "pair" your vote with a trusted friend or family member we would suggest the second vote to Tandy Dunn. He has taken strong conservative positions and has not been bashful about going public with them. Randy Walker would be an acceptable third vote. We strongly oppose conservatives voting for Rebholz because of his propensity to cut deals with the Democrats that give them control of the commission. Beaufort County has suffered horrendously as a result of this "backroom dealing" which Rebholz has jumped into during his short appointed tenure.

    Again, we don't endorse in uncontested races so the School Board races fail to qualify for consideration, except as an indictment of both organized political parties in Beaufort County for not fielding a selectable slate of candidates.


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