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Do schools spend too much on administration?

    Publisher's note: This post appears in Beaufort County NOW, courtesy of the Civitas Institute, and reported by the Author, Bob Luebke.

    That's the point Ira Stoll seems to argue in a recent blog post in Education Next. Specifically, Stoll is updating a previous post on the growth of the education bureaucracy by showing the expansion of administrative staff and the number principals outpaced teacher hiring.


Source: Administrative Staff and Assistant Principals Far Outpaces Teacher Hiring, Ed Next Blog October 1, 20-20

    Stoll cites national data to make his case. My question: Over the same time period (2000-2017), how did North Carolina fare?

Source: NC Statistical Profile (2000) and Highlights of the North Carolina Public School Budget (2017)

    The North Carolina data clearly show the disparities in increases between school district administrative staff, principals, and the number of teachers hired are no where near what the disparities at the national level. Still, the growth of administrative staff in North Carolina, also outpaced teacher hiring over the same time period. Are there eye brows being raised?

    To be continued.


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