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Press Release:

    "We will state the truth in full, without apology: We declare that the United States of America is the most just and exceptional Nation ever to exist on Earth." - President Donald J. Trump

    PROMOTING PATRIOTIC EDUCATION: President Donald J. Trump is working to better enable America's rising generations to understand the history and principles of our Nation's founding.

  • Through a new Executive Order, President Trump is establishing the President's Advisory 1776 Commission, which will work to improve understanding of the history and the principles of the founding of the United States among our Nation's rising generations.
  • Within a year, the Commission will produce a report regarding the core principles of America's founding and how these principles may be understood to further the blessings of liberty and promote our continuing efforts to form a more perfect Union.
  • The Commission will offer recommendations for the Federal Government to promote patriotic education at Federal sites - including National Parks and Monuments.
  • The Commission will also create the "Presidential 1776 Award" to recognize student knowledge of the American founding and support the Federal Government's plans to celebrate the 250th anniversary of American Independence.
  • Alongside the new Commission, the President is ordering Federal agencies to prioritize patriotic education in the delivery of Federal resources.
  • The President is also taking steps to enhance compliance with laws that require America's educational institutions that receive Federal funds to observe and celebrate Constitution Day.

    RESTORING NATIONAL UNITY: President Trump is promoting national unity through renewing understanding of and commitment to America's shared founding principles.

  • The United States of America was founded on the belief that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are unalienable rights - these principles form the core of our American identity.
  • Throughout our history, the United States has strived to better embody our founding principles.
  • Unfortunately, some versions of American history offer a misconstrued and one-sided account of our founding in an effort to paint America as a systemically racist country.
  • In fact, fewer than one in six eighth graders have proficient knowledge of United States history according to the Nation's Report Card.
  • Restoration of patriotic education relies on State and local education leaders and parents, who must be empowered to choose an education that fits their values and meets their child's needs.

    PRESERVING OUR HISTORY: President Trump will always defend the legacy of our exceptional Nation's founding along with its extraordinary Founders, and protect America's ideals and traditions.

  • President Trump has firmly stood against attempts to distort America's history and taken action to promote patriotic education that celebrates the truth about our Nation's history.
  • In September, the President assembled the first White House Conference on American History to address these distortions.
  • The President has taken action to establish the National Garden of American Heroes, a statuary park that will memorialize our American heroes for generations to come.
  • The President took executive action to ensure that radicals who seek to destroy America's heritage by tearing down our monuments are prosecuted to the fullest extent under the law.

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