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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

America Needs More Homeschooling… COVID Lockdowns Prove It

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Sam Sorbo.

    It's been several months since the 'Covid Reset' began, and the well-schooled population of the United States has obediently succumbed to the tyranny of the elites. Note that I wrote "well-schooled" and not "well-educated," because any educated person would be asking the tough questions: Why only slow the spread? (Why not stop it, or speed it up?) Where is the proof that lockdowns work? If lockdowns work, why do we need more than one, and if they don't, then why are we doing it again? What is the final cost of our economic response to a medical condition? Where is the study proving the efficacy of mask-wearing?

    Why are people so gullible as to believe everything the elites tell them? Because they've been schooled, not educated. They've been conditioned by our government-run school system, which teaches us to obey, move when the bell rings, and raise our hands to ask questions. Above all, attending a "learning" institution all day, five days each week, convinces us viscerally that we cannot know something that we haven't been formally taught, by a teacher. It's a strange kind of tenure.

    This is the number one reason parents feel incapable of educate their own children at home, but it defies logic. Parents teach their children to dress themselves, use utensils, and tie their shoes, but at age five it's time for the professionals to take over schooling them. Because A-B-C and 2+2 is too complicated for a non-pedigreed adult to instruct. Never mind that you graduated high school — you can't teach basic math! Disregard your higher degree — that was for your education, for your work, not to share with your children! You love your children? Don't worry, strangers, chosen by an increasingly incompetent bureaucracy, will select at random the perfect teacher for your pride-and-joy. It's no wonder they teach students that everything exists by chance and was created at random — they practice it and need parents to believe things really work that way.

    The good news is, now that the nation has been keeping their children at home for the months of Covid, parents are finally witnessing the absolute dreck that our public schools are teaching, and considering what is lacking in their children's education. For instance: financial competency, civics, and truth. They are seeing their children glued to a computer screen for several hours a day and realizing this isn't the life they imagined for their progeny. Or, they are struggling to keep the child focused on that same screen, and thinking perhaps there's a better way. Or, they are realizing the contradiction of arguing that school is about socialization, while sending their children into institutions that require masks and severe social distancing. Or, most importantly, they are hearing for the first time just what their children are being taught, a fact that has many teachers worried.

    The Covid Reset has challenged institutional schooling and that's not a good thing. It's a great thing.

    Now, parents are turning to home education, and realizing just how much catching-up they have to do, for the sake of their children. They are discovering new paradigms about education, and what their own "educations" sorely lacked. They are updating their thinking to understand that all the answers are not in the teachers, but in the texts — and also, YouTube. It's a new world out there, and the old system is antiquated. Parents don't lack any resources, just because they aren't inside a classroom and don't have a degree in history. Learning doesn't happen inside a box, and real education isn't about will it be on the test?

    It's not too late to save this nation from devolving into socialism. Just because we were taught in government schools that government is the answer (see the conflict of interest, now?) doesn't mean it's true. As difficult as it is to admit and expose for ourselves the lies the system taught us, it's worth it, for our children. Home educate. We are a nation of entrepreneurs, and that energy is needed, now more than ever.

    Let's use the Covid Reset to reimagine education and reinvigorate the family unit. Parents, you can do this. Join a co-op. Inspire your child's creativity and curiosity, instead of drilling it out of them like government schools do. Home education is so much easier than the system wants you to believe, and so much more rewarding than you could ever imagine.

    Sam Sorbo is an actress, author, talk radio hostess, and home school advocate.

    The views expressed in this opinion piece are the author's own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.


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