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Who Was the Nashville Bomber?

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette. The author of this post is David Kamioner.

    Many theories around as to the motives of 63 year-old, Anthony Quinn Warner, the Nashville bomber.

    This analyst has theorized that the scenario is akin to the script of the film "Falling Down." A middle class, middle-aged white male IT loner type goes on a rampage, with interesting limits, as he politicizes the wreckage of his personal life and his self-defined tragic place in society.

    Author and writer Brandon Weichert has another idea. He thinks Nashville was the product of a group or area prone to conspiracy theories and violence.

    Weichert: "Warner worked as a computer programmer from Antioch, Tennessee. Apparently, he died in the explosion. Authorities have now stated that they think the intended target was an AT&T distribution center because Warner feared that 5G internet was how the federal government was going to control the population.

    This is textbook paranoid conspiracy extremism. That the suspect came from Antioch is an important element in this tale that few are talking about. As I noted at my website, "The Weichert Report," Antioch has been a hotbed of extremist activity.

    For example, in 2018 the local Waffle House was shot up by a man who swore fealty to Sovereign Citizen, a violent anti-government and anti-establishment movement which may have numerous followers spread through the countryd — especially in the Mid-Southern United States. And in 2014, Sovereign Citizen was ranked by 145 law enforcement agencies as being a more serious threat to their communities than even Islamic extremism.

    In 2017, Emanuel Kidega Samson, a 25 year-old resident of the area went on a bloody shooting spree in the local Antioch church. He was ultimately taken down by an armed churchgoer. Federal authorities believe the attack was in response for the 2015 Charleston Church shooting.

    Also, two years prior in 2015, Vincente Montano walked into the Antioch Carmike Hickory 8 Theater with a machete and a fake gun and proceeded to attack patrons with the machete. No motive was given for his attack, aside from mental health issues, and we will never know because he was killed resisting police arrest.

    It must be noted that Antioch has been at the nexus of extremist activity, whether it be Sovereign Citizen or other similar groups. Conspiracy theories about government surveillance, political leaders, and mind controld — the sort of rhetoric one normally hears from Alex Jones and other conspiracy theoristsd — are prevalent here, which is why I believe that the Nashville terrorist attack is much more than a random act of violence.

    In a larger context, it should be noted that 33 year-old James Turgeon was arrested in Rutherford County, Tenn. (very near Antioch) outside of a gas station for playing the same music that was heard being played by Anthony Warner shortly before he detonated his bomb in Nashville. Turgeon is being held on a $500,000 bail out of fear that he plans on executing a similar attack as to what occurred in Nashville.

    This, to me, indicates a pattern. Under the current political context wherein at least half of the voting public does not accept the results of the election, with the sitting president claiming that he was the victim of systemic voter fraud perpetrated by faceless servants of a malign "deep state," it is no surprise that such attacks are occurring presently. Conspiracy theories are now the lifeblood of our political moment. I believe we are at the start, not the end of a wave of domestic terrorism inspired by the current political situationd — and I fear that more and deadlier attacks are on the way the closer we get to Inauguration Day." Weichert is no fool and his prediction is likely accurate. This is going to get sporty.


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