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Trump Engineered Middle East Peace

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette. The author of this post is David Kamioner.

    Every administration from Truman to the current one has been neck deep in the Middle East. Truman recognized the nation. Nixon saved it during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Carter ushered in the Camp David Accords. Reagan was a staunch ally to Israel but Clinton got conned by the PLO and Yasser Arafat. But only one president has stood by Israel and by doing so made comprehensive peace in the region. That president is Donald Trump.

    The recent Trump brokered Abraham Accords have seen tensions lowered, diplomatic relations established, and peace made between Israel and Morroco, the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan. This protects our 5th Fleet in Bahrain and lowers the security temperature across the area. The Saudis and the Egyptians have been working together with Israel for years on security. Security against what? Iran. And it's paying off as the Iranians are becoming encircled by American and Israeli allied nations that form a bulwark against Iranian aggression.

    FNC: "History will reflect favorably on President Trump's foreign policy initiatives, due in large part to the U.S. brokered Abraham Accords which have made great strides in normalizing relations in the Middle East and promoting a mentality of peace that will extend far beyond his presidency, Former Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland said Sunday.

    "In the Middle East particularly, I mean this is a significant achievement, that we really don't even know how good this is more because more countries are joining...It's the first peace agreement between Israel and Arabs in not just 10 or 20, it's like a couple of thousand years...What President Trump has done, as everybody was paying attention elsewhere, he was able to craft an agreement and convince the Arabs that their only sort of prosperity platform, the only way they could get to peace and prosperity, was by having a peace agreement with's Israel and the Arab states that are really united against what they see is potentially a Biden administration going in to enable Iran," McFarland said.

    "His (Biden's plan) would "enable Iran to have nuclear weapons, enable Iran to support terrorist movements," McFarland said. But the diplomatic achievements of the Trump administration have been so great, so deep, that "I don't think even the Biden administration can screw that one up."

    How many times has the entire region seemed like a Gordian knot? Presidents, members of Congress, foreign players, the superpowers during the Cold War, and myriad others tried to get a handle on this issue. But only Trump, the deal maker, the master negotiator, made it work. He did so by starting out with a firm commitment to Israel, a realization of the Iranian threat, and the ability to convince several Arab nations they could have peace and prosperity if only they dropped their intransigence towards Israel. They did. The results will be excellent. The president gets the credit.


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