Does "President Biden" Grasp Reality? | Beaufort County Now | The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the "new president" is supporting the Democratic Socialist teachers' union holding Chicago, and other local governments hostage as they seek to corral more power at the expense of those that their members are charged to serve.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Does "President Biden" Grasp Reality?

How Effective Can Any Leader be While Cognitively Challenged?

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the "new president" is supporting the Democratic Socialist teachers' union holding Chicago, and other local governments hostage as they seek to corral more power at the expense of those that their members are charged to serve - the students, our children.

    Couched in the smoke screen of "Covid safety", these "educators", in solidarity with the Democratic Socialists' call and vast motive for consolidation of power, will not return to their in-person jobs until, at the earliest, Autumn. Local authorities have taken a bark-but-don't-bite position in dealing with this bastion of Democratic Socialist privilege; now Covid Joe, who may well be America's first Idiot President, is reported to be in lockstep with the collective need of these misidentified "educators" to continue to not fully work, while fully getting paid to do so.

    Lost in all these Democratic Socialists' machinations to attain power at the expense of society are the school children, who have now lost a full year of education, while self-centered, self-indulgent Democratic Socialist "educators" grasp power over purpose, and privilege over people - the children of this nation - mainly in heavily controlled Democratic Socialist authority, and count Covid Joe in to continue that idiocy born from unrelenting self-serving, anti-social behavior, now endorsed at OUR highest levels.

    There is a reality to how stuff works along this temporal plane, where the real education of ourselves, and others is a fully functional component of a fully functioning society; and, additionally, for a reasonable and effective Republic to continue its self-government. After two full weeks of this "new president's" new office, it does not appear that Covid Joe has made that slight leap to what is real, nor is he moving closer to toward that direction.
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( February 3rd, 2021 @ 11:41 am )
If you think that I might tilt too harshly toward Covid Joe by detailing: "now Covid Joe, who may well be America's first Idiot President," consider this:

Covid Joe, fully vaccinated, "controlled by science", and ever virtue signaling over any cognitive ability to reason, sat behind his desk in the Oval Office, wearing his trademark Covid mask in a large room and fully social distanced, and while signing multiple Executive Orders - many unconstitutional in scope - stated something to the effect of (I can't understand this masked fool): "Innn signningg theesse ordrss, let meee babbbee clear".

To which, I offered then in "clear" retort: "If you want 'to be clear', take your fricking mask off!"

You can't make this stuff up to be any funnier. Even my wife, who abhors all political controversy, doubled up laughing at my spontaneous commentary.

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