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According to a New York Times report, the Kremlin is beefing up its forces on the Ukrainian border and small conflicts continue to happen. Several Ukrainian deaths have been reported as a result of these skirmishes.

It goes on to report that American military leaders in the area have increased their level of security in response to these buildups. Gen. Tod Wolters, head of US European Command issued these orders after Russian troops failed to leave the area. Strategists expected the Russians to leave the area after the exercise was finished.

It is thought that this buildup may be an exercise to determined President Biden's commitment to Ukraine.

The escalating public feud between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden rapidly de-escalated last month after the White House put on the brakes.

In particular, the Biden administration has pushed back on an invitation from the Russian leader to conduct a “live” debate with Biden for the world to see.

And why? Because, apparently, the U.S. president is “quite busy” taking care of things.

Commentary: I think if Putin would just wait a while longer he can walk into Ukraine because all the American troops will be in class outing each other for being too masculine, or woke, or racist, or whatever the noun of the day is. And if you don't think these “classes” are going to undermine the savagery of our fighting forces you have to be a liberal or living in a monastery.

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