QUESTION: Do you believe our country is irreparably divided between two competing and non-overlapping ideologies? | Beaufort County Now | Do you believe that to try to negotiate and make concessions will only further erode the precarious existence that already threatens the integrity of our once-great republic?

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    QUESTION: Do you believe our country is irreparably divided between two competing and non-overlapping ideologies? Do you believe that to try to negotiate and make concessions will only further erode the precarious existence that already threatens the integrity of our once-great republic?

    Do you think we are heading for something serious, such as a revolution, secession, or even a state-sponsored Article V Convention to amend our government (whether for good or bad, but chances are that it will make concessions to government)?

    Do you think we, as a country, are ready to engage in serious thoughts and discussions about the states' "rightful remedy" of Nullification in order to check the over-reach and abuse of the federal government? Or do you think the States lack the backbone to push back? Do you think we, as a country, are ready to have a serious discussion about secession and the right of each State to do so (articulated in the Declaration of Independence) in order to shed itself of a government that has "become destructive" of its rightful and legitimate ends?

    We all know that the second paragraph of the Declaration instructs: "... whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government...."

    The fact is that state districts are actually trying to do just that now - to secede from their existing states. They want to escape the liberal history and politics of their state by petitioning to join a conservative neighboring state.

    Another attempt to "secede" in a sense is by mass migration of people from liberal states to conservative ones. That's why California has so greatly lost a huge number of citizens (and lost seats in Congress) and the same with New York and Illinois and maybe New Jersey too.

    If we can't live together trustingly and with enough common values to hold us together, than I personally think it's best to split up so both sides can live in their version of peace and prosperity (and of course, size of government and intrusion in their lives. If the States refuse to nullify abusive acts of the federal government and if we take secession off the table, then we are likely headed for revolution or another civil war. And then, very possible, we face losing the greatest gift our founding generation and Founding Fathers gave us (and the world), which was a near-perfect constitutional republic. But that's just my opinion.

President Trump is moving toward his 2024 candidacy as per all indications from his enlightening address to the NC GOP on June 5, 2021. Considering this political vector as a distinct possibility: What is your electoral pleasure as an integral cog in this Representative Republic?
  No Vote: Mr. Trump will never be president again as we boldly march toward a Socialist society.
  Yes Vote: Mr. Trump was the best president since Ronald Reagan, and we need a real leader, who is fully cognitive of that responsibility in these tumultuous times..
  I don't vote, and I don't care.
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( October 1st, 2021 @ 10:15 am )
Mr. Hickman, I believe completely in what I wrote. I believe we are in danger of losing our once well-intentioned country to a growing group of racist Marxists. And you are right, as I pointed out... what is at stake is the loss of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our Declaration of Independence. How many times have you heard Democrats (AOC and even Pelosi) say things like "We've outgrown the Constitution"? OR "The Constitution is racist"? OR "The Constitution is meaningless for these times"? These demons mean business and they won't rest until all our founding institutions, such as the Church, family, education, morality, the grand notions of work and work ethic, unity of Americans, love of country, and the essential principle of personal responsibility, are abolished, destroyed, or undermined. Personal responsibility, the family, and work ethic have already been replaced by the enlargement of social welfare services and government healthcare. The Church has already been replaced by the God who supports abortions, hatred, riots, violence, and property damage, and education has been replaced by Critical Race Theory and other racist and divisive ideologies (Education has been replaced by indoctrination). Unity and love of country has been replaced by racism (intentionally resurrected by the Democrats for political and agenda purposes. These left-wing hijackers are using the very freedoms articulated and secured for us by our Founding Fathers (in the Declaration, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution) to destroy those very rights. If they succeed in destroying our founding documents, then guess what? They destroy the very foundation of the American states and the American union. It will no longer be assumed that individuals have inalienable rights and other essential liberty and civil rights. And that will be the day the government truly and completely (and tyrannically) controls and subjugates us. Patrick Henry said something similar in his "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech in Richmond back in 1775. (Everyone should read it in its entirety!) The sad thing is that the left are too stupid and too detached from reality to comprehend the consequences of their actions. Thanks again, Charles.
( September 30th, 2021 @ 2:51 pm )
Mrs. Rufino,

Thanks. Well, I read it and it didn't put me to sleep. It's hard to sleep while swimming in a cool deep stream of thought. It's well done. On top of that I agree with you, beginning, middle and end.

In my opinion your treatise is much needed especially in this time rife with shallow scholarship, too often characterized by misrepresentations, misconstructions, and blatant lying, not surprisingly leading the populace to confusion, delusion and intellectual destitution.

I think it would be a great exercise for some of our current crop of woke students (and teachers) with a different view to make the attempt to intellectually rebut what I believe are your sound conclusions. At any rate those with different opinions had better come with an A game effort to avoid making fools of themselves by engaging with an abundance of hostility coupled with a lack of scholarship, lack of logic or a lack of honesty. The standard fare of our times.

Anyway, that's the view of a man grasping for all things not attached to the present day dismantling of our civilization. Other past civilizations heading into dark ages tried to protect their valuable writings. I suspect we had better do the same just in case we aren't successful in our efforts to avert catastrophe.
( September 27th, 2021 @ 10:56 am )
Mr. Hickman,
Very well-said. If you have trouble sleeping and need something to get you there, I wrote an article recently on my blogsite ("Forloveofgodandcount ry's Blog) titled "SOLUTIONS FOR AMERICA: How to Preserve the Constitution and the Land of Liberty Our Founding Fathers Gave Us." You can access it at this link:
( September 26th, 2021 @ 5:25 pm )
Your question gets a yes vote from me. In divorces it's called irreconcilable differences. Sometimes it's just best to part ways. The consequences of staying together may be either destructive violence or abusive dominance of one party over the other in these type situations. A big obstacle to a rational solution in issues like this is that one party may be stuck in authoritarian mode (like what we are seeing now). Add in absence of equal justice under the law. All this spells trouble ahead for good ways out of bad situations.

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