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GOP Senate proposed budget would cut state income taxes for everyone is reporting:

Leading budget writers of the North Carolina Senate unveiled the initial draft of a $25+ billion spending plan amid historic revenue surpluses despite the last year of economic constraints related to Pandemic Panic policies. The headlines from Left-leaning media, of course, focus on the lawmakers committing the egregious sin of letting people keep more of their money, instead of government taking that money and spending it on the Left’s political priorities.

The tax cuts, in a nutshell, cut individual income flat tax rates down, and raise the standard deduction. When the NC Budget Office and Fiscal Research Division of the General Assembly announced projected billions in surplus revenue of the next couple of years, state senators said it might change the calculus on tax cuts. Indeed, the tax cuts in this proposal drop rates one full percentage point lower than proposals from earlier this month.

The proposal plans for a drop in the current flat tax rate 5.25 percent to 3.99 percent income above the standard deduction. That’s a tax cut for everyone. The standard deduction itself is raised as well, meaning a tax cut for EVERY INCOME level and scores of current taxpayers will be entirely free of state income tax burdens.

Wow. Government flush with billions in extra takings, and they suggest a giving it back, so to speak. What’s the Dem-Media’s take?

Of course.

We’ve seen this movie before. Fortunately for us, the undeniable piles of taxpayer cash filling up the state government’s coffers undermines the Democrats’ previous Chicken Little act about tax cuts endangering ‘core government services.’

Unfortunately, though, there’s no need for cleverness as they’ve already normalized the Marxist critique as a consensus view among the Left. Just pick up the tried and true Rich Republicans vs Poor Teachers narrative where it left off, and away they go.

Headlines like the one above, from an outlet that claims impartiality and ‘straight news reporting’ with no bias, are written and published without a second thought because the authors think the Leftist view of the world IS the fair view.

How could it not be? They are fighting for our teachers, while those mean Republicans want to starve our classrooms just to line the pockets of their rich friends! See how this works?

Now, they might drop a throwaway line in their about this very tax cut proposal lowering the state tax bill for the median income household by 37 percent (!), but even the act of typing it out won’t throw them off the plot of framing Republican lawmakers as [pick your negative adjective].

Oh, look, WRAL again [Emphasis added]:

“[…] Senate leaders say it will lower the median household’s state tax bill by 37 percent. However, the actual bill won’t be available till later Monday, so WRAL News hasn’t been able to double-check that.

Meanwhile, teachers and state employees would see only a 1.5 percent raise for each of the next two years under the Senate proposal. […]”


They could barely put fingers to keyboard before the activist tick emerges, drowning out any relevant take for a taxpayer reading their story to shill for Governor Roy Cooper’s budget priorities.

Speaking of taxpayers; call us crazy, and you’ll have to verify this with an authoritative source, but don’t teachers pay taxes? Do you think teachers might fall in the ‘median income’ (or higher) category?

‘Republican Budget Proposal Cuts Teacher Tax Bills By 30+%’

See what a difference a perspective makes? Now, particular political perspectives is exactly what you’d expect when visiting First in Freedom Daily, but WRAL is pretending they don’t have one. They maintain the farce that they are impartial observers relaying the news for you to form your own perspective, when at least half of us see this emperor has no clothes.

The scene will play out in coming weeks, nonetheless. Republicans in the Senate and House will work over the course of July to reach a budget they both concur with, the Democrats and the media will crow consistent with the political role they’re cast in, and then politicos will debate the likelihood of Governor Roy Cooper vetoing the budget in deference to radical political groups that are always in his ear.

We’ll follow along accordingly.

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