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A veteran's opinion


It is refreshing and heartening to see and hear everyday Americans standing up for their children and the Constitution. More and more we are seeing on TV people rebelling against the indoctrination of their children. The “Woke” culture is being exposed for what it is an what its goals are. Neither of these is what my America is all about.

But, and I repeat, but do not think that this “Woke” BS is going to go quietly into the night. The forces of socialism, communism and totalitarianism have never been so close to winning the culture war, in this country, as they are now and we will continue to see skirmishes and outbreaks here and there as they withdraw from the front only to reappear elsewhere.

Our vigilance must be constant and everywhere to root out this virus no matter how small and insignificant its appearance might be. If we do not counter every and all attempts to change our form of government eventually this sickness will creep back into our daily lives.

I think, and this is only my opinion, that every facet of our current government from the military to the Department of Justice to the Democratic wing of Congress is deeply involved in the subversion of our Constitution. And unless we remove those individuals at the first possible chance, they will continue to force these ideas into laws that will affect us all.

To that end we must, as concerned citizens, become active in all levels of our government, from our local school boards, to our city and county electives, to our state and national leaders.

To quote a previous president, “It is not what your country can do for you, it is what can you do for your country.”

And,  your country is the United States of America and an enormous number of people from all walks of life have given their lives to  continue this idea that God has given each of us our “rights” and that our government is responsible for ensuring that these rights are protected.

So many of our appointed or elected official have forgotten their oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.” It is up to us as individuals to hold them to that oath or replace them with someone who will.

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( June 25th, 2021 @ 6:37 am )
This is another great article by George Schryer. To keep freedom, we can never relax. Good men have been doing nothing for the past 30 years. We all need to start doing something to push back.

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