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RINO Senators Thom Tillis (NC) and John Cornyn (TX) have written a letter to the Democrats on a key Senate committee and asked them to move legislation to give amnesty to the DACA illegal aliens, an issue they claimed was "most urgent"  Tillis has been pushing such legislation for months.

In their letter, Tillis and Cornyn admitted that the DACA program violated US statutory law and was probably unconstitutional.  Nevertheless, they are pushing hard for amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens or more, and their ability to bring relatives to the US.

DACA illegal aliens are those who claim to have been brought in to the US as children but do not have to show any proof of that claim.  Obama created the DACA program by executive order, even though he had admitted he had no authority to do that.

RINO US Senate hopefully Pat McCrory also got into the business of pandering to the DACA illegal aliens early in his one term as governor, when he defied NC statutory law to give DACA illegal aliens NC drivers licenses.  McCrory shares the same political consultant with Tillis.

With "Republicans" like Tillis, who needs Democrats?

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( July 13th, 2021 @ 7:09 am )
Beware of a 2022 RINO Senate candidate who panders to DACA illegal aliens, Pat McCrory. An early act in the sole term of this one-and-done governor was to violate North Carolina general statutes and issue NC drivers licenses to DACA illegal aliens. McCrory would be another Tillis or Burr. He even uses the same liberal political consultant as Burr and Tillis, whose strategy is always to fake to the right during the primary and then run to the left during the general election.

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