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Move over California.  North Carolina wants to follow your insane energy policies that are sending electric rates through the roof and fueling blackouts.  This time, it is not the Democrats doing it, but the RINOs, who are backed by RINO state House Speaker Tim Moore.

Early in the session, special interest "stakeholders" announced they were putting together an energy bill.  The usual suspects among RINOs who prostitute themselves to Big Solar and Big Wind were involved as were lobbyists for Big Wind, Big Solar, and Duke Power.  Anyone representing the most important "stakeholder", electric customers was shut out.  Duke Power has decided it can make money off of wind and solar subsidies, so they are now in bed with Big Wind and Big Solar, plus as a monopoly they can just pass on the higher rates to their customers.  The result of this backroom dealing among special interests was HB 951, a witches brew of bad energy policy.  Moore and his RNO allies are trying to out-Cooper Roy Cooper.

Some Senate conservatives believe they can reorient this bill in their chamber to cut out the bad parts and add in some good parts.  As a result, many House conservatives are playing a dangerous game of letting HB 951 move forward, hoping the Senate will be able to accomplish that.

This bill is being pushed as an "all of the above" approach advancing gas, solar, and nuclear, but it is solar that is the source most pushed.  And what few bones were thrown to nuclear in the early drafts have been removed, so that there is now nothing concrete to help nuclear, only window dressing.

Gas fares almost as bad in this legislation.  The bill seeks to shut down six coal fired plants even though coal is one of the cheapest and most reliable ways to make electricity.  Only one of those is anticipated to be directly replaced by reliable and cheap gas generation.  There is rubbish about "energy storage", an unproven theory that even globalist Bill Gates says will not work replacing the others.  Energy storage is one of the fantasies of the Green Energy crowd.

One of the sops to Big Solar and Big Wind in HB 951 is gutting the power of local governments to regulate their siting.  It is local governments that can help protect citizens from these environmental disasters, wind farms and solar farms, but the RINOs want to diminish their powers to do that.  

This is a formula for blackouts and high electric rates and it is being pushed on us by the RINO leadership of the NC House.  It is a truly awful bill that needs to be stopped by whatever means possible.  Tim Moore is a traitor to the people of North Carolina, and seems to be little more than a white male version of AOC when it comes to the Green New Deal.

Intermittent wind and solar cannot be relied upon for grid baseload because they only work when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.  They are also more expensive than conventional electricity and produce more toxic waste.




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( July 26th, 2021 @ 8:35 am )
Seems I made a slight mistake concerning the number of Republican House Freedom Caucus members that voted against HB 951. Larry Pittman and Mark Brody are the only Freedom Caucus members that voted against the bill; the other three Republican no votes (Sauls, Strickland and Torbett) are not members of the Freedom Caucus. So, there were sixteen Freedom Caucus members voting in favor of HB 951 leading to a total of fifty five Republican yes votes for the bill.

Bottom line, only five NC House Republicans voted against the bill.

Let's hope the NC Senate will start all over and not let special interest lobbyists write the bill for them.
( July 24th, 2021 @ 7:51 am )
I have read H 951, and it is indeed bad. I understand that some conservative House members believe it can be fixed in the Senate, but I wonder if that will happen. Prematurely closing functional coal fired power plants for political "virtue signaling" to the left makes no sense and will only cost ratepayers and probably taxpayers money they should not have to be paying. Gas fired plants are a reasonable replacement when those coal plants reach the end of their useful life, but not before. The "energy storage" nonsense is a pipe dream that has never worked anywhere, and North Carolina is supposed to depend on THAT to replace working coal fired plants? Even globalist oligarch Bill Gates has openly admitted that energy storage simply does not work. There is nothing in the bill to guard against the hazardous substances involved with both solar and wind energy production or to require bonds for site cleanup afterward. This is a special interest bill concocted by special interest lobbyists that is very much against the interests of the citizens of the state. This bill even leaves intact the outrageous exemption from county property taxes for the wealthy big corporations that own wind and solar facilities. Why should the average Joe county taxpayer subsidize these wealthy corporations?
( July 23rd, 2021 @ 6:35 pm )
Well, I hope there is something here that I am not seeing.

According to some of our GOP representatives they are "fighting the Green New Deal" with "The GOP plan." Upon closer scrutiny the NC House GOP plan seems to be handing out taxpayer goodies to green energy interests and removing whatever regulations that do exist while at the same time watering down any initial support of nuclear power facilities by replacing wording like "will be" spent with "may be" spent on nuclear. This sounds like transforming the North Carolina power grid into the California power grid.

Regarding the HB 951 vote: Only two Democrats voted for it. Fifty five Republicans voted for it. The ONLY Freedom Caucus members that did not vote for HB 951 were Pittman, Brody, Sauls, Strickland and Torbett.

It could be that petrified little Swedish girl and the Communist Bronx bartender chic are the least of our worries. One thing I do know: In this age of bamboozling, this old goat is about bamboozled out.
( July 23rd, 2021 @ 8:04 am )
Asian countries currently have over 600 new coal fired power plants under development. They know that cheap and reliable electric power is necessary for a sound economy. stopthesethings.com Why do RINOs in Raleigh want to drive a stake through the heart of OUR economy by taking cheap and reliable coal offline and replacing it with expensive and unreliable wind and solar? Grata Thunberg seems to be the patron saint of our hopelessly out of touch GOP legislative leadership.
( July 23rd, 2021 @ 6:47 am )
When all of the money making schemes with solar and wind are over with, nuclear is the long term low cost answer. That is why these all of these people work so hard to defeat nuclear. It all runs on our money.
( July 22nd, 2021 @ 2:14 pm )
NC taxpayers and ratepayers have already been ripped off by over a billion dollars in the solar energy boondoggle. Now these grifters are demanding more and the RINO's led by Moore are selling us out to them. Shameful. That does not even count county taxpayers. Under state law passed when the Democrats were in control all of the equipment of the wind and solar "farms" is exempt from county ad valorem taxes, so the average citizen taxpayer has to subsidize these mostly out of state wealthy solar and wind companies. This bill allows that taxpayer ripoff to continue. Conservatives need to primary every one of these lousy Al Gore / AOC "Republicans". They are a cancer in our party which must be cut out. Politicians who are in the hip pocket of the special interests, of whatever party, are NOT what we need in office.

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