Let The Lawsuits Begin | Beaufort County Now | A law firm in Ohio known as Renx Law who has file suit on behalf of an organization known as America's Frontline Doctors and that the suit had been filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Let The Lawsuits Begin

   While searching the Internet today, I noticed references to a whistleblower case about the Covid 19 virus that was the subject of a lawsuit. In delving further, I came upon information about a law firm in Ohio known as Renx Law who has file suit on behalf of an organization known as America’s Frontline Doctors and that the suit had been filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.

   The lawyer that filed the suit was named Thomas Renz and he had given a speech on July 17 – 18 to a group identified as Re-Awaken Tour in Anaheim California. In his speech, he made the statement that a whistleblower with access to government computers can prove that at least 45,000 Americans have already been killed by the three Covid-19 shots that were authorized for emergency use by the FDA.

   Thomas Renz is a partner in the law firm that filed the suit. The legal practice specializes in cases fighting against medical tyranny. He stated that a government insider identified only as “Jane Doe” is the whistleblower and she has access to servers of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services or CMS.

   Further, he stated that under threat of perjury, this woman attested to this information and she is considered an expert. Information that has been verified is that 45,000 deaths have occurred from the vaccine.

   Whether or not these claims are true or not is yet to be determined. Although the attorney claims that the suit has been filed, he did not provide the style of the case in order to independently verify the accuracy of his statements. But clearly, his statements that the government has colluded with big tech to suppress information such as this, is real and should be taken seriously. If this is true, the implications have a stark reality for the big tech companies who have squelched the free speech of private individuals, at the request of the government, thus creating through the back door what the government cannot do lawfully through the front door.

   You will recall a recent article that I wrote concerning the congressional testimony of Dr. Peter McCullough, chief of medicine at Baylor University who made essentially the same claim as we have now.

   Most of the data on this subject has been reported to the government by the Vaers system. There are about a dozen different systems that report deaths and injuries to the government, so we may be looking at the tip of the iceberg.

   We will stay on top of this issue and report further as circumstances warrant.

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