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Chris Matthews retired from Active Duty TV in March of 2020. Since you are getting older and prone to forget, I’ll give you a reminder...

He Was The One Who Said In The Early Days Of The Obama Age That Obama Sent A Thrill Up His Leg

I was slithering around the Internet a few days ago and one of those Sidebar Attention Getting Headlines caught my Attention. It said, if I clicked on it, I could read an Interview of the Formerly Famous Chris Matthews.

I thought it might be interesting to read about what Chris has been about since he retired and to see if his “thinking” was as messed up as I remember. I could not have been more surprised at the answer he gave to the first question he was asked...

  • The first question was about what politicians did he see on the Democrat Party’s Horizon as Potential Candidates for the 2024 Presidential Election.
  • His answer was, Gavin Newsome the current Governor of California who is presently up to his eyeballs in a Recall Petition.

At present there are 46 candidates running in the Recall to replace him. This high number of candidates combined with the confusion and cumbersome Recall Process itself combined with the fact that Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1 in California seems to indicate that Newsome will survive.

If Newsome does end up getting to take an I Survived That Dastardly Recall Victory Lap he will only be lying to himself if, as he is jogging, he thinks to himself, “I’m like Sally Fields...They Like Me. They Really Like Me!”

California is covered up with problems and Governor Newsome appears to be doing nothing about these problems other than making them worse.

The Democrats have to have someone better suited to run for President other than Gavin Newsome...Or do they?

Can Chris Matthews really think Gavin Newsome is the future of the Democrat Party? It appears he can.

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: I can’t tell you what the second question asked of Chris Matthews was because, after he answered the first question, I terminated my reading of his interview determined to Wallow in My Own Ignorance.

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You will never guess who Chris thinks would be a good Democratic Candidate in 2024.


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