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Asia is building cheap and reliable coal fired electric plants while leftist ideologues are pushing the US and Europe to embrace expensive and unreliable wind and solar power.  Asia currently has over 600 new coal fired power plants under development, a majority of them in China.  China itself produces 50% of the world's coal, which it uses to undercut industrial production costs compared to western countries.  China builds much of the world's solar and wind electrical equipment which it expects it rivals to buy while they continue to rely on dependable coal for themselves.

Germany's Energie Wende (energy transition) to wind and solar has given them residential electric rates three times higher than what North Carolinians pay.  But if the left gets its way, the same thing is coming here.  The radical "Green New Deal" is being pushing hard by Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and others, while Republicans are failing to put up the fight that needs to be waged.  Even here in North Carolina, a cabal of Solyndra Republicans led by RINO House Speaker Tim Moore are pushing legislation to shut down six NC coal fired power plants, and shift some of that capacity to expensive and unreliable wind and solar.  Moore and his allies are little more than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez without the skirt. Moore's rotten scheme would shift the $5 Billion cost of shutting down coal power plants onto electric consumers backs.  Unless the state Senate steps up to the plate and defeats it, Moore's HB951 will sell NC electric ratespayers into the bondage of the wind and solar special interest grifters.

The UN, unsurprisingly is working in China's interest.  They have recently demanded that Australia shut down its coal industry.  Australia is the world's second largest coal exporter.   But the UN has no complaints about China, nor do they complain about the huge toxic waste problem of wind and solar power or its other environmental harm.  Tim Moore is also working in China's interests.


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