Mass protests against vaccine mandates come to US, starting in NYC | Beaufort County Now | Istanbul, Turkey also sees mass anti-mandate protest

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Mass protests with many thousands of people have hit major cities and many smaller ones across Europe, in France, the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland, and others opposing Covid vaccine passports and mandates.  They have been happening in France for nine straight weekends, and have also been going strong in Australia.

For the first time a mass protest was held in the US against the vaccine mandates, called by Teachers for Choice, with thousands marching through the city against the vaccine mandate, many chanting "f*ck Joe Biden".  School teachers in New York City have been told they would lose their jobs under they got the "clot shot" of Covid vaccine.

Also on Sunday, Istanbul, Turkey saw its first mass protest against vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

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