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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

In his political battle with Florida Governor Ron deSantis, Biden is now threatening the health of Florida citizens.  DeSantis strongly opposes Biden's authoritarian vaccine mandates and Biden has publicly stated he will get governors like deSantis who stand for freedom "out of the way."

Governor deSantis has been running public clinics to get therapeutic drugs like the monoclonal antibody Regeneron out to people infected with Covid which have been successful in fighting Covid.  Biden has now cut shipments of Regeron to Florida in half and done it without notice, in a blatantly political move one would normally expect in a banana republic.  Biden could do that because the federal government has contracted for the entire out of Regeneron from its manufacturer.  Biden is also sending a shot across the bow of other Republican governors that he is willing to play hardball with the lives of their citizens.

But deSantis is not done.  A rival manufacturer has its own monoclonal antibody that may be even better than Regeneron, and it does not have its supply committed to the federal government.  Governor deSantis is arranging with that pharmaceutical company to buy its product to replace the Regeneron that Biden blocks to the state.

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( September 17th, 2021 @ 6:00 pm )
In other words Biden is hoping to kill or harm as many as possible in FL because they don't like what the dictator dictates.

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