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And, this gravity fed spiral is intensifying in velocity. But ... can we steer this sinking ship to calm waters, while we mend the holes below the waterline; pump far away the devastating seawater, or are we bound for the bottom of the Puerto Rico Trench?

    Ever the optimist, I resoundingly proffer we can fix this, but ... not without tremendous "sea-changes" in managing who we are as a Representative Republic, a unified People, because that is where the deep damage resoundingly echoes a profound resonance.

    Who is at fault? We, the People, are at fault. We are responsible for the governance of our Republic; no excuses. This nation bequeathed to we fortunate souls, by our fortuitous forefathers is now ours to sustain, to maintain, to keep us healthy and safe, and we are not even close to holding up our end of the bargain that our Founders, who 'mutually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor'.

    Why are we at fault?

    Simply put, and I mean this entirely in an overall sense: We are not a very smart People, and that is the relative truth of it.

    We, the People, have allowed our Education System to become solely an Education Industry, where tremendous pots of money earned, through this governed monopoly, became paramount to the benefit of the few, at the profound subservient expense of the many, while the essential product of a smarter public never materialized. In fact, the opposite was created, and now exists to our great detriment.

    How else would the Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media contiue to exist as this great and ignorant throng of liars for profit; lending cover to the corrupt, while seeking to control the narrative to manage the minds of what fools who will cower to accept this powerful evil, and, it is a masterful evil upon us all.

    So terrible an evil, we ignorant Americans (in the "royal we" sense) have allowed these college educated so-called "journalists" to lay the propagandistic foundation to keep many of us (in the "royal us" sense) so stupid, WE (at Americans) are now represented by some of the worst politicians that have ever been collected under one banner - the Democrat's current Leftist freak-show of non patriot fools; most of whom, so ignorant that they cannot fathom rudimentary math, thus they infamously prove it every governing day that they foolishly shackle US into trillions of dollars of debt by making one enormously stupid decision after another.

    If it appears unfair for me to lay blame at the feet of the Education Industry, then the corrupt Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media, and ultimately their Democratic Socialist political leaders, then I shall here now beg this highly profitable Education Industry to better graduate much smarter college seniors, whether they be those that might promote what is true through OUR media, or those led to interpret those truths as functioning citizens. Right now, we are being failed by an industry bolstered as a collusive monopoly, and I can assure that this Constitutional Republic will not survive an institutional ignorance so pervasive within our People, who are responsible for this, OUR, Representative Republic.

    In this sad analysis, I gather no pleasure in stating what is true. In fact, we all must traffic in what is realistically true, and we must continue in this discipline until WE can turn this "sinking ship" of OUR United States of America toward a safer shore.

Now that it is fully apparent, to all who have the ability to pay some modicum of attention, that Imposter President Biden has extreme cognitive issues, in addition to being an inveterate liar: Can OUR Republic continue with this Executive Office that has completely failed, so many times, on far too many issues here at this early date in this abysmal presidency?
  No, Joseph R. Biden is completely unqualified, morally and cognitively, to represent real Americans, and lead this Republic of disparate peoples.
  Yes, Joseph R. Biden has started whispering again, even softer now than before; so, I know he still cares, plus, OUR media will soon stop reporting on Afghanistan in favor of OUR Socialist ideals.
  I don't follow politics, but I know a liar and an idiot when I see one, and I have far too often witnessed this fool - Biden.
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